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As the UK’s cultural relations agency, British Council aims to create and provide international education opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and build trust between them worldwide. 

In international higher education we:  

  • promote and support the exchange and mobility of students, scholars and academics around the world
  • promote and support higher education partnerships between UK and international universities, industries and governments
  • shape and drive international collaboration of higher education through policy dialogues and research

Under the Partnership strand of the IHE framework, British Council Vietnam has developed the Higher Education Leadership and University Management programme to support the National Higher Education reform agenda and the Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions in Vietnam. The programme aims at building capacity for HE leaders who are Vice Dean, Dean and above from Vietnamese HE institutions. This is also to prepare them for the increasingly challenging roles of the universities and to ensure that those who are in these crucial positions have the skills to lead successfully, and that the best may become the sector’s effective senior leaders of tomorrow.     

The British Council Vietnam will provide the sponsorship of £15,000 for the delivery of the Higher Education Leadership training component in Vietnam and in the UK. 

The initiative receives the support from Tate and Lyle, a UK company who provide distinctive, high quality ingredients and solutions to the food, beverage and other industries. Tate and Lyle will provide scholarship of GBP4,000/ each to enable up to four Vietnamese leaders to join the course at an open and transparent selection process.  

The course comprises of three components: 

1. Influential Presenting (35 hours) 

2. Higher Education Leadership training (5 days)

3. Shadowing in the UK (one week)I. Component One: Influential Presenting (tentative timeline 15 - 20 September, 2014 in HCMC)

I. Component One: Influential Presenting

Date: 15 - 20 September, 2014 
Venue: International Education Institute, VNU - HCM, 146 bis Nguyen Van Thu, District 1, HCMC

This 35 hour short course program is designed to enhance the delivery of lectures so student learning is maximized. 

The course is built around a project and will culminate in a mini-conference at which participants will present a 10 minute lecture. Workshops focus on the preparation for the conference that will alternate with interactive input sessions on a range of lecturing techniques, such as effectively structuring information, using visual aids and engaging with an audience. Participants will also be asked to keep a journal in which to reflect on past experiences, current practice and the learning process throughout this course.

The programme is divided into 9 workshops of 3 hours duration each, a session of peer presentations (focus: visual aids) and a mini-conference:

Workshop 1 – Introduction to Programme

Workshop 2 – Structuring a Presentation

Workshop 3 – Planning a Presentation

Workshop 4 – Planning for the Conference Talk

Workshop 5 – Presentation Aids / Peer Presentations

Workshop 6 – Audience Engagement

Workshop 7 – Delivery Skills

Workshop 8 – Final Preparation for Mini-Conference

Workshop 9 – Rehearsal of Talks

Final session - Mini-Conference

The documentation for workshops 1 – 8 contains trainer notes, PowerPoint presentations, handouts and worksheets. Digital copies of TED talks used as models and examples are also provided.

The course conference will emulate the well-known TED Talk format. TED is a non-profit organisation founded in 1984 which is devoted to spreading ideas, initially from three areas, Technology, Entertainment, Design, hence the acronym. TED has since broaden its scope to include specialist from other areas such as Science, Business and Education, and runs two main annual conferences, one in the USA and the other in the UK. 

Trainer: Mr Andreas Pohl (CV attached)

II. Component Two: Higher Education Leadership Training 

Date: 22 - 26 September, 2014 
Venue: International Education Institute, VNU - HCM, 146 bis Nguyen Van Thu, District 1, HCMC

In this course, participants will critically analyse key aspects of higher educational leadership and management theory and practice within the context of globalisation and an increasing worldwide culture of market and government accountability. Importantly, the course will examine moral and ethical aspects of higher educational leadership and management and participants will reflect on, and challenge, some of the underlying values present within leadership and management practice in today’s higher education sector. By drawing on current research evidence and critically reflecting on their own practice, participants will come to a better understanding of their own role and identity as an education leader and manager which, in turn, will positively affect the departments and institution within which they work. 


  • To develop an understanding of the key concepts and issues related to higher education leadership and management and how these relate to political, cultural and societal influences (locally and globally)
  • To critically examine theories, frameworks and conceptual models of leadership and management from education, and elsewhere, and relate these to professional practice
  • To enable participants to reflect upon, and enhance, their own professional practice as higher education leaders and managers


It is proposed to deliver the programme through face to face sessions. These sessions will involve lectures, group discussions, learning activities, participants’ presentations and reflection. Each day will be focused on a particular topic, as outlined in the table below, and all topics will be discussed in relation to local (Vietnam) and international contexts. 

Day Topic

Introductions and the UK context

The nature of higher education leadership and management.

In this introductory session, following introductions and an overview of the UK Higher Education sector, we will explore the nature of higher education leadership and management.

We will begin by defining these key terms, noting any similarities and differences between them.We will then explore some of the key global contextual issues facing the higher education sector in recent years and, by drawing on participants’ experiences, examine their impact on leadership and management practice.

We will then begin to connect participants’ professional experiences in this area to published literature and key leadership and management theories.


The ethical and moral dimension of higher education leadership and management

In this session, we will examine the key moral and ethical aspects of higher educational leadership and management and participants will reflect on, and challenge, some of the underlying values present within leadership and management practice in today’s higher education sector.

Wednesday morning

Culture and identity in relation to higher education leadership and management

In this session, we will examine the ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ societal and cultural influences on today’s higher educational leaders and managers and explore the inter-relationships between these influences and the concepts of personal and professional identity formation. The session will draw on qualitative research data to help explore and provide depth to the ‘lived experiences’ of higher educational leaders and managers in today’s climate.

Wednesday afternoon

Accountability, evaluation and effectiveness

In this session, we will discuss how an increasing culture of both market and government accountability has affected educational establishments and, in turn, the role of higher education leaders and managers across the World. 


Strategy and development planning

In this session, we will look at some of the key issues involved with strategy and development planning.  We will discuss how higher educational leaders and managers plan, implement and evaluate their progress, critically appraising theory and practice throughout the session.

Friday morning

Leading and managing change

In this session, we will explore the only constant in today’s higher education system – the notion of change. By reflecting on participants’ own practice, drawing on case study research examples and critically appraising theoretical models, we will investigate whether there are any identifiable stages of change, what people’s reaction to change may be (especially people’s resistance to change) and what possible strategies may help higher education leaders and managers implement change successfully.

Friday afternoon


Leading and managing teams

In this session, we will explore the popular notion that educational aims are achieved more efficiently by working in teams.  By drawing on research evidence, classic theoretical models of team formation, and professional experience, we will investigate the rational for teams, the difficulties associated with working in teams and the strategies associated with leading and managing teams successfully. 

Conclusions/reflections and next steps

Trainer: Dr Alan Floyd, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Management, Institute of Education, University of Reading

III. Shadowing in the UK (November, 2014)

Participants will observe the management and leadership practices in the UK and experience the UK University governance. They will have chance to discuss and hold meeting with UK Higher Education leaders especially Pro-Vice Chancellors of the University of Reading and leaders from industry sectors i.e. Tate and Lyle. 

Day Topic

Welcome, tour and general introduction with Dr Alan Floyd

Tony MacFadyen, Director of Enterprise & Internationalisation.

Quality Assurance session with Dr Cathy Tissot, Director of Teaching and Learning, and Susanna McFeely, Quality Assurance manager


Meeting with Professor Andy Goodwyn, Head of the Institute of Education

Meeting with HR regarding Professional Development Review process

Research session with Professor Suzanne Graham, Director of Research

Meeting with Senior Academic Managers – Distributed Leadership in Practice


Meeting with Sir David Bell, Vice Chancellor and Professor Hugo Tucker Dean of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 

Meeting with Dr Ben Cosh, Dean of Faculty of Science

Meeting with Tate and Lyle

Thursday and Friday Research Collaboration meetings in Departments/Faculties 




Depart for Gatwick Airport: train from Reading train station

IV. Costing for a group of minimum 20 participants

  • Influential Presenting: £250/person
  • Leadership training in Vietnam and in the UK: supported by British Council
  • Shadowing in the UK (group of minimum 8 participants): £2,600/person (to cover flight and accommodation in the UK)


Giang Nguyen
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Phi Phan
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