British Council

Welcome to the Education team of the British Council in Vietnam. 

The British Council is UK’s international organisation for culture relations and educational opportunities. In Vietnam, we work to promote the friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and Vietnam. 

In the area of education, we are empowered to connect the UK's school sector to others in Vietnam:  

  • to enrich their international education experience, promote global citizenship and enhance students’ 21st century coreskills
  • to support quality improvement and assurance of Vietnam vocational education and training
  • to foster dialogue and international partnerships between higher education institutions and organisations 
  • to bring UK excellence in science and innovation to support researchers, institutes and universities in Vietnam through the UK government funded programme as Newton Fund.

We welcome enquiries and are keen to work closely with UK and Vietnam education and research institutions and organisations, and interested government organisations and businesses. Please contact relevant team member for your enquiries. 

  • Hoang Van Anh, Assistant Director Education

vananh.hoang@britishcouncil.org.vn | T +84 (0)24 3728 1928

Higher Education 

  • Phi Phan, Higher Education Manager (Partnerships)

phi.phan@britishcouncil.org.vn | T +84 (0)28 3823 2862 ext. 2500

  • Truc Nguyen, Higher Education Officer (Partnerships)

thanhtruc.nguyen@britishcouncil.org.vn | T +84 (0)28 3823 2862 ext. 2503

Science and Innovation

  • Giang Nguyen, Higher Education Manager (Science and Innovation)

giang.nguyen@britishcouncil.org.vn | T +84 (0)24 3728 1926

  • Le Hoang, Higher Education Officer

le.hoang@britishcouncil.org.vn | T +84 (0)24 3728 1920 ext. 1952

Skills and school

  • Chi Nguyen, Education Manager

chi.nguyen@britishcouncil.org.vnT +84 (0)24 3728 1937

  • Van Tran, Education Coordinator

van.tran@britishcouncil.org.vn | T +84 (0)24 3728 1920 ext. 1994