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About this programme

In a competitive emerging economy young people need to prove they have the professional skills to succeed. Skills for Employability is British Council’s flagship programme for skills development and vocational education. 

Our projects and partnerships are designed to improve young Vietnamese people’s skills in gaining and maintaining employment and developing entrepreneurial talent.

Our aims

The programme aims to ensure employers are fully engaged in skills development in order to:

  • enable young people to develop the skills and training they need to positively contribute to the economy
  • support economic prosperity and tackle future international challenges
  • address the growing demand for skills
  • create strong links between education and industry.   

What is on offer:

  • involving leaders, policy and decision makers in government, education and industry in setting the agenda at the highest level to work together to address global skills challenges
  • providing partnership and knowledge sharing opportunities for influencers, senior education experts and employers to support skills development, promote innovation and build more opportunity and trust for Britain
  • giving young people new opportunities, higher aspirations and a greater global perspective, supported by new knowledge, skills and aptitudes. 

As a valued partner our expertise, experience and worldwide networks help achieve development goals.

More information

Contact our Education team to find out more about how we can partner together to make a positive difference. Learn more about our projects by visiting our global Skills for Employability website. 

Take a look at the below websites for more information on other British Council-run events focusing on skills.

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