Mr. Bui Van Ga - Vice Minister of MOET 

The British Council in partnership with Ministry of Education and Training and General Department of Vocational Training organise the policy dialogue to provide an opportunity for stakeholders in Vietnam to gain a shared understanding of international practice in NQF implementation as well as to discuss and plan next steps.

Background Information

Through the Skills for Employability programme British Council has been working to develop and strengthen the Technical and Vocational Education and Training in a number of countries within the ASEAN in order to enable their integration and skills development. 

In the last three years, the British Council has worked with the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and the General Department of Vocational Training (GDVT), Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) and the Committee for National Qualification Framework (NQF) Development in Vietnam to run workshops and capacity building on NQF development. Through collaboration activities, NQF stakeholders have been introduced to the UK practice in NQF development such as the value of national qualification framework to employers, learners and training providers, quality assurance and flexible progression routes. UK experts has been brought to contribute and share expertise on the draft NQF development strategy and vision to 2030 in Vietnam which was approved by the government in November 2016.

In this context of the recent NQF approval, the British Council in Vietnam has started working on a collaboration project to ensure the successful implementation of the NQF in Vietnam with focuses on learning outcomes development for selected sectors and occupations and progression routs. This process is envisaged to be a continuing collaboration between the British Council Vietnam and key government bodies such as MOET and GDVT with involvement from other line ministries, and employers.


The half day policy dialogue aims to: 

  • share UK approaches in implementing national qualification framework, key mechanisms for ensuring good governance, quality assurance, qualifications validation and certifications.
  • share UK practices in learning outcomes development and other related aspects e.g. systematic application of learning outcomes that lead to positive changes, greater precision of qualification framework, link to market and employment, link between vocational and higher education, problems and issues associated with creation and application of learning outcomes.
  • discuss challenges in learning outcomes development in Vietnam e.g. engagement of employers, national and institutional adoption and implementation of learning outcomes, curriculum change, qualifications development at institutional level.
  • provide recommendation for next steps in the implementation of Vietnam qualification framework (VQF) in Vietnam

Please see below link to the presentation of the policy dialogue.