Going Global 2015

Partnership opportunities with the leading Vietnam higher education institutions


Going Global 2015, one of the world’s biggest conferences for higher education. 

With the participation of over 1,200 higher education leaders, government and businesses from over 80 countries came to a close, leaving lots of food for thoughts for the years to come. 

British Council Vietnam and a Vietnamese delegation led by Prof. Dr Bui Van Ga, Vice Minister, Ministry of Education and Training, attended the Going Global ‘Connecting cultures, Forging Futures’ in London on 1 and 2 June, actively contributing to the conference and presenting about Trans-national education, Innovation, Research and University rankings in Vietnam. 

Going Global 2015 proposed the fusion of diverse cultures generated a creative force, which was a major catalyst of leading edge innovation. The conference explored how networks of innovation evolved and grew when cultures cut across boundaries, looking at the role higher education institutions play globally in connecting cultures, as well as anchoring and sustaining networks of innovation.

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