Mat Wright

The research highlights the exciting new period for the creative hubs in Vietnam

On 10 December 2014, the British Council launched the first ever report about local creative hubs. The report is the result of research by journalist/media consultant Truong Uyen Ly commissioned by the British Council and carried out in May, 2014. The objective was to map out creative hubs in Vietnam through desk research and interviews with creative entrepreneurs/practitioners in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.   

Major sectors of the research include visual art, music, film, dance, design and information and communication technology (ICT). Different hubs with different characters have been identified. These range from co-working and networking spaces (The Start Centre, Work Saigon), training institutions (ADC Academy), an investment Fund and co-working space (Saigon Co-Working), places where broader creative ideas are welcomed (Saigon Outcast, Hanoi Rock City), online information sharing forums (Hanoi Grapevine), to a base for talks and discussions for all creative people and those interested in art (Ca phe thu 7).

The report also highlights the significant contribution of the hubs to the local community. They offer a welcoming environment where people meet, exchange ideas and challenge their own boundaries. Access to art and culture are expanded, which means better personal development. The creative hubs also play a part in changing the city’s identity and urban development. Each creative hub (big or small) provides jobs. The hubs have become a source of inspiration for creativity and networking places for people working in the creative and business sectors.

An important part of the report was about challenges and needs of the creative hubs. It outlines the ‘classical’ challenge which is unstable landlords and lack of support from local authorities. Another challenge for hub development was the limited management and business skills of the hub owners. The report also revealed that there is a need for greater financial support and investment in creative hubs, as well as more opportunities for networking and ideas exchange events.

Full version of the report could be downloaded below.