Location: Temple of Literature, Hanoi 
Time: 08.30 – 16.30 
Symposium: 01 December 2023
Showcase and workshop: 17 December 2023

Viet Nam boasts a rich tapestry of intangible heritage, including traditional crafts, rituals, performing arts, and indigenous knowledge, deeply interwoven into the nation's cultural fabric. With more and more cultural values are recognised domestically and internationally, the cultural heritage sector is looking for ways to make the best from these values to benefit from and to the practitioners and heritage communities who are the key players of the sustainable development. A symposium aiming to explore the intersection of Viet Nam's intangible heritage and sustainable development, with a specific emphasis on the pivotal role played by grassroots communities, will provide a platform for dialogues between the policy makers, experts and cultural heritage practitioners and bearers. Through insightful discussions, case studies, and interdisciplinary exchanges, the symposium will shed light on successful strategies, challenges, and opportunities in leveraging intangible heritage to achieve sustainable development goals, while giving prominence to the grassroots contributions that are the bedrock of this transformative process. 

The symposium is part of Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth, a British Council’s programme exploring ways in which local culture can improve the lives of individuals around the world, co-organised by the British Council and Cultural Heritage Department, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, will discuss how the community participation contribute to the intangible cultural heritage safeguarding and sustainable development in Vietnam. This event is also part of UK/Viet Nam Season 2023, celebrating 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations and the 30th anniversary of the British Council's presence in Viet Nam. 

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