Work Room Four

The British Council in Vietnam, in partnership with Leicester University and Hanoi Grapevine, is carrying out a body of research and data collection, which will be used to create the first Vietnam creative industries directory. 

This directory will take the form of an online portal, sharing profiles of businesses, social enterprises and organisations in the fourteen creative sectors selected by the researchers, a combination of UK and Vietnam defined industries (*)

Creative industries have become a major sector for economic development, both worldwide and indeed in Vietnam, where ambitious goals for these sectors have been set by the government (**); there is huge potential for growth. This current project is one of a number to be set forth by the British Council to help implement the Vietnam National Strategy for the Development of Cultural Industries to 2020, vision 2030 which was ratified by the Prime Minister in September 2016.

Once launched, the online portal will act as a medium for the creative industries to be officially recognised by all stakeholders including policy makers, investors and other sectors. In return, the latter will be better able to identify what these industries entail, what they contribute to the economy and what their potential for growth is.

In addition, the online directory will help to connect various creative sectors, generating collaborations between creatives and creative hubs. We believe this will become an effective tool to stimulate the establishment of a great resource of talent, ideas, content and innovation.

Leicester University is contributing their research expertise and technical support and Hanoi Grapevine, a well-known platform that promotes cultural development and artistic opportunity, will provide their support in research and data collection, as well as create and maintain the website. 

A series of interviews with more than 30 creative entrepreneurs, held in August 2017, will be followed by a mass survey and data collection process later in the year. The directory will be free to the public, and is planned to launch in April 2018.

For more information about British Council’s work in the creative economy please visit:

British Council Creative Economy http://creativeconomy.britishcouncil.org/

British Council Vietnam Arts www.britishcouncil.vn/en/programmes/arts

British Council Vietnam Arts and Creative Industries resources www.britishcouncil.vn/en/arts/resources

(*) Advertising, architecture/interior design, visual arts/antiques market, crafts, design, fashion/design, museums/galleries/libraries, film/video, music, IT (software/computer services/games/applications), TV/radio, performing arts, publishing and tourism.

(**) As set in the Vietnam National Strategy for the Development of Cultural Industries to 2020, vision 2030.