British Council in Vietnam

1. Overview of the British Council

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We support peace and prosperity by building connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and countries worldwide. We do this through our work in arts and culture, education and the English language. We work with people in over 200 countries and territories and are on the ground in more than 100 countries. In 2021–22 we reached 650 million people. In 2023, the British Council in Viet Nam is marking its 30th anniversary, celebrating our commitment to building connections between the UK and Viet Nam. 

2. Introduction

Backstage to the Future is a social action project exploring the use of arts, cultural and creative approaches to assist civil society organisations (CSOs) in making positive social changes, particularly in supporting safe migration in Viet Nam. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to enhancing the role of CSOs in Viet Nam’s efforts to combat human trafficking.

The specific objective of the project is that grassroots CSOs employ innovative approaches to mobilise and sensitise all levels of society (public, private, civil) to respond to the problem of human trafficking and unsafe migration in hot-spot source communities in Hải Phòng, Hà Tĩnh and Quảng Bình provinces. 

Backstage to the Future is a three-year project co-funded by the European Union and the UK Government, and implemented in partnership between the British Council, Viet Nam Institute for Culture and Arts Studies and the Viet Nam National University Youth Union.

To learn more about the project please visit: https://hautruongtuonglai.vn/ or https://www.britishcouncil.vn/en/programmes/arts/backstage-to-the-future. 

3. Objectives, Scope of Work and Deliverables

As Backstage to the Future will conclude by the end of April 2024, the project team is now developing a comprehensive evaluation plan for this three-year project. We are looking to recruit a consultant with expansive experience in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) to support our team with a joint overview and analysis of existing monitoring database, and to conduct an independent evaluation of the results and impact of the project. Key questions to be examined will be: 

  • How do UK stakeholders engage with the ‘Backstage to the Future’ project and what value do they place on the outputs of project? 
  • To what extent the CSOs engaged in the project have an increased knowledge about the risks, issues, and potential local solutions for combatting human trafficking and supporting safe migration, and how? 
  • To what extent the CSOs engaged in the project have an enhanced capacity in using innovative approaches to plan and devise actions combating human trafficking and unsafe migration? 
  • To what extent the support from private sector has been increased, including financial, in-kind, collaboration and development opportunities for CSOs’ anti-trafficking efforts and job/training/alternative livelihoods pathways for Victims/Potential Victims of Human trafficking, and how? 
  • To what extent the awareness leading to social and behavioural change at all levels of society (public, private, civil) on the risks and issues of human trafficking and unsafe migration has been improved?  

The scope of work for the MEL consultant include:

  • Review all technical interim reports and other useful project documents to establish an understanding of the project structure and activities from May 2021 up to the present (1 day); 
  • Review and discuss and present any suggestions for improvement to the current project Logframe (1 day); 
  • Review the project end-line survey form(s) and present any suggestions for improvement in line with the project Logframe (1 day);  
  • Review and analysis results of the end-line survey report to generate content for the evaluation report (3 days); 
  • Attend some of the project activities/events as agreed with the project to meet with project beneficiaries, then plan and carry out a plan of interviews with project key stakeholders to form 3-4 thematic case studies. The theme of these case studies will be discussed and agreed with the project. The interviews will be for a maximum of 15 people. (10 days); 
  • Writing of final evaluation report (10 days); 
  • Plan and run a MEL workshop with project key stakeholders (2 days); 
  • Meetings and communications with project team (2 days). 

Total working days: 30 days 

Key deliverables: 

  • One final evaluation report (maximum 20 A4 pages not including appendices) in Vietnamese with English translation. 
  •  Appendices including as the minimum: (1) Complete summary of monitoring data review and analysis, (2) Complete summary of qualitative data from interviews, (3) Full case studies, (4) Revised project Logframe (if applicable), (5) Revised end-line survey form(s) (if applicable); an interview plan and interview transcription of all interviews conducted (audio files stored in internet link accepted), (6) signed consent forms/information release forms from all interviewees in accordance with the British Council’s information management policy.  

4. Timeline

To be discussed with successful supplier but we would be looking to complete this project by 1 June 2024 with the exception of a workshop later in June, following this general timeline:

Activity (subject to agreement with supplier) Date / Time
RFP Issued to bidding suppliers 16.01.2024
Deadline for inquiries 31.01.2024
Deadline for submission of RFP responses by potential suppliers (Response Deadline) 18.02.2024
Offer to successful candidate 01.03.2024
Earliest contract start date 08.03.2024
Final submission to the British Council 01.06.2024
MEL workshop
(exact date TBC)
- 30.06.2024
End of contract date 30.06.2024

5. Indicative Budget Band

Professional fee for 30 working days for one person with the daily rate depending on experience and qualifications, inclusive of all applicable taxes. We follow the UN-EU 2022 cost norms for professional fees and other expenses in Vietnam. 

6. Quotation Validity

Your quotation must remain open for acceptance by the British Council for a minimum of thirty days from the date that it is issued to the British Council in response to this requirement. 

7. Payment and Invoicing 

In consideration of the Recipient’s delivery of the Project, the professional fees shall be paid by the British Council to the Recipient by BACS transfer in accordance with the payment schedule, subject to the Recipient’s satisfactory compliance with the terms in the agreement. 

8. Instructions for Responding

Please send your proposal to vnarts@britishcouncil.org.vn by 23.55 Viet Nam time, 18 February 2024.

Please include (in no more than 3 pages) using the form provided:

  • Relevant previous experience and track record in MEL work in the fields of safe migration, development or similar. Please include two referees (no need to include contact information at this stage as we will only require that for short-listed candidates at later stage); and attach sample of a previous MEL report that you / your team has done for a similar assignment.
  • Relevant qualification and publication.
  • Briefly express why you are suitable for this assignment and outline your proposed approach (no more than 1 page).
  • Total quote.
  • Indication of availability to work within specified timeline. 

9. Clarification Requests

All clarification requests should be submitted to vnarts@britishcouncil.org.vn before 31 January 2024.  

10. Award Criteria

Responses from potential suppliers will be assessed and awarded based on an assessment of quality and total cost.

By issuing this RFP, the British Council is not bound in any way to enter into any contractual or other arrangement with you or any other potential supplier.