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The British Council is looking for a creative training provider or a higher education institution to work with the Cultural and Creative Hubs Vietnam Project Team to co-create and deliver a one-week training programme in cultural and creative skills in March 2019 for 20-25 participants who are owners and managers of the six key CCHs of the project. 

Location: Da Nang City, Vietnam
Delivery time: March 2019


Cultural and Creative Hubs Vietnam is a three-year project funded by the European Union and implemented between 2018 and 2021 by the British Council in partnership with the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies. This project proposes a series of activities focusing around a network of local organisations – the Cultural and Creative Hubs (CCH) – that actively engage with practitioners and the audiences in the field of arts, culture, and creativity. 

The project has been designed to encompass three inter-linked key components. The first surrounds building capacities and enhancing the capacity for CCHs managers and owners, as well as their artists and creative practitioners – in particular, in terms of management, audience development, and other specialised creative and cultural skills. The second component aims to create opportunities – via policy dialogue and other platforms – for direct and open exchange towards relationship building between CCHs and government administration of the culture sector. The third component promotes the sharing, learning, and networking amongst hubs from different parts of Vietnam, as well as between Vietnamese hubs and their European counterparts.

More information about the project here


The objective of the cultural and creative skills training programme of the project is to build capacity of hubs owners and managers through improving their professional skills in planning and running cultural and creative projects and events. 

Expected outcomes of the training programme are:

  • training participants will have improved skills and knowledge for planning and running cultural and creative projects and events in their local context 
  • training participants will be given facilitated opportunities to explore various professional aspects of working in the cultural and creative industries, including those areas identified in Annex 1
  • training participants will be able to cascade training materials to other CCH owners and managers in their network. 

Scope of work

  • co-creation (i.e. adaptation of existing training to the local context in consultation with the British Council team) of a maximum five-day training programme and all training materials for cultural and creative skills that responds to the needs of the Vietnamese CCHs. 
  • delivery of this training programme in Vietnam for a group of 20–25 participants who are hubs owners and managers.
  • evaluation of the training programme, including recommendations for similar training in the future, in form of a short write-up report (not exceeding ten pages). 

Interested training providers are invited to submit your proposal including:

  • a training profile/portfolio, highlighting experience in developing and conducting training in cultural and creative skills and/or biography of trainer(s). Maximum five pages
  • an outline of the proposed training programme (three to five days), which responds to the training needs of Vietnamese CCHs in cultural and creative skills (see Annex 1 for more information). Maximum five pages.
  • a cost estimate for a maximum ten days of training course development, training delivery and reporting, including travel time UK – Vietnam and not including travel related costs. Maximum one page. 

Proposals will be assessed using the following criteria

  • previous experience in developing and conducting bespoke cultural and creative skills training. Experience in the South East Asia context is appreciated 
  • quality training format and content responding to the local needs for cultural and creative skills training 
  • competitive costing. 

See Clause 14 in the Request for Proposal (RFP) Evaluation Criteria for more details. 

Please send your proposal to before 15 December 2018. 

Successful candidate for award of contract will be notified by 1 January 2019.

See Annex 2 Agreement for the purchase of professional or consultancy services (short form) for more information.

All queries should be sent to marked CHV CCS before 20 October 2018.