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1. Overview of the British Council
We support peace and prosperity by building connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and countries worldwide. We uniquely combine the UK’s deep expertise in arts and culture, education and the English language, our global presence and relationships in over 100 countries, our unparalleled access to young people and influencers and our creative sparkle. 
We share our values and explore ideas. We have difficult discussions and find common ground. We create mutually beneficial relationships between the people of all four nations of the UK and other countries. This helps strengthen the UK’s global reputation and influence, encouraging people from around the world to visit, study, trade and make alliances with the UK.
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We work with governments and our partners in the education, English language and cultural sectors, in the UK and globally. Working together we make a bigger difference, creating benefit for millions of people all over the world. We take a long-term approach to building trust and remain at arm’s length from government. We work with people in over 200 countries and territories and are on the ground in more than 100 countries. In 2022–23 we reached 600million people.
The majority of our income comes from partnership agreements, contracts, philanthropy, teaching and exams, and we also receive grant-in-aid funding from the UK government. Founded in 1934, we are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body. 

2. Introduction 
Backstage to the Future is a social action project exploring the use of arts, cultural and creative approaches to assist civil society organisations (CSOs) in making positive social changes, particularly in supporting safe migration in Viet Nam. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to enhancing the role of CSOs in Viet Nam’s efforts to combat human trafficking.
The specific objective of the project is that grassroots CSOs employ innovative approaches to mobilise and sensitise all levels of society (public, private, civil) to respond to the problem of human trafficking and unsafe migration in hot-spot source communities in Hải Phòng, Hà Tĩnh and Quảng Bình provinces.
Backstage to the Future is a three-year project co-funded by the European Union and the UK Government, and implemented in partnership between the British Council, Viet Nam Institute for Culture and Arts Studies, the Viet Nam National University Youth Union and provincial Youth Unions.

To learn more about the project please visit: https://hautruongtuonglai.vn/ or https://www.britishcouncil.vn/en/programmes/arts/backstage-to-the-future  

3. A Partnership Proposal
As Backstage to the Future will conclude all activities by the end of April 2024, and the project officially close by the end of July 2024, we are looking for grant proposals for the Resource Site Management and Promotion , taking the lead in continuing one of the key legacies of the project: the online resources and toolkits in raising awareness in safe migration and prevention of human trafficking in Vietnam, as recorded on
Website: https://hautruongtuonglai.vn/ 
Facebook Fanpage Hanh Trang Di cu  
YouTube Hanh Trang Di cu 

Those online resources are developed over three years by the British Council, offering the following key functions:
- Online Learning Platform: currently offering three online learning courses aiming at building capacity for those interested in collaboratively and creatively working and promoting safe migration and preventing human trafficking. While those courses (including Forum Theatre – action for positive social change, Engaging with relevant stakeholders and Creative communications), focus on and usesafe migration and human trafficking examples, their applicability can extend beyond this to encompass a wider range of social and developmental topics. This platform has the potential to be further developed and continue to benefit many more people, comprising individuals already engaged in the anti-human trafficking sector and those within other community sectors who wish to utilise the resources. Visit this online learning platform here.
- Online communication materials on the theme of anti-human trafficking and safe migration. Those have been posted on the Facebook and Youtube channels of the Backtage to the Future project.

We are inviting proposals from organisations who are interested in developing a vision and a strategic plan, and to implement this plan to effectively oversee and promote this resource site over the course of the next two years. Ideally, the partner who would be selected for this grant would be working in the anti-human trafficking sector and has experience in enhancing the communication capacity for CSOs in this sector.

Kindly be advised that the work will involve extensive data management which will need to comply with the British Council’s Information Governance and Risk Management policy. It will also need to respect Intellectual Property terms and conditions that are applied to all existing content. Details of these will be discussed and reflected clearly in the grant agreement in due course.

4. Timeline
We are looking to engage a suitable partner following this timeline:

Activity (subject to agreement with supplier)  Date / time
Call for Partnership  04 March 2024 
Deadline for inquiries  14 March 2024 
Deadline for responses by potential partner 17 March 2024 
Interview 20-22 March 2024
Information to successful candidate 25 March 2024
Grant award start date 27 March 2024 
Grant completion date Minimum 2 years from the grant award start date 

5. Grant Award
We will offer a maximum grant of VND 180,000,000 (approximately GBP 6000), inclusive of all applicable taxes, for the management and promotion of this resource site over the next two years. We do not expect this grant amount to be used for development of new content for the site. However, we welcome candidates with a vision for further development of new content using funding from other sources. This amount should include technical costs such as domain, host, and maintenance of existing content over two years.

6. Award Criteria
Proposals for the grant will be reviewed and awarded based on an assessment of the vision and management plan for the resource site as proposed by potential partners, considering the following criteria:
- Benefits to the anti-human trafficking and development sector in Vietnam, particularly in terms of:

  • (i) innovative ideas for the management and promotion of the site content;
  • (ii) extensive communications and reach to the key target audiences, who are CSOs, Youth Unions or schools who are working with potential victims of human trafficking; and
  • (iii) attention to deliver benefits to potential victims of human trafficking such as women, girls, rural and semi-rural population, ethnic groups, etc.

- Value for money – how the grant award will be used to achieve the intended purpose of best possible management and promotion of the resource site.
- Relevant expertise and experience of the potential partner.

7. Instructions for Responding
All interested organisations are invited to express their interest using the provided form and send to vnarts@britishcouncil.org.vn by 23.55 Viet Nam time, 17 March 2024.

8. Clarification Requests
All clarification requests should be submitted to vnarts@britishcouncil.org.vn before 14 March 2024.