• key Vietnamese government leaders and decision-makers in arts and culture and other relevant fields
  • government administrators working in the culture sector
  • researchers, policy-makers and advisors in the culture sector from national and regional institutes
  • international organisations working in the culture sector in Vietnam
  • owners and managers of cultural and creative hubs
  • artists and creative practitioners
  • organisations and businesses with interest in developing creative industries in Vietnam. 

Nguyen Phuong Hoa

Nguyen Phuong Hoa is a prominent figure in the arts and culture sector in Vietnam. As Deputy Director General of the Department for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Hoa supports culture sector development from the policy-making and government management stand points.

Hoang Long Huy

Hoang Long Huy is currently Director of the Cultural Industries Management Division, Copyrights Office of Vietnam, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. His experience spans across international cooperation in intellectual property and relevant rights, inspection of industrial property, and cultural industry management. Huy holds a master’s degree in Policy Making in Science and Technology from the National University of Vietnam.

Glen Mehn

Glen has worked for more than 15 years designing support programmes for early stage innovation practice. He has designed support programmes to build networks, increase skills, improve enabling environments and create new funding mechanisms for a range of organisations, including UNDP, African Development Bank, British Council, Nike Foundation and Oxfam, as well as a range of Tech for Good start-ups. 

Truong Uyen Ly

Hanoi-born and raised, Truong Uyen Ly is an independent researcher and media consultant. Ly has been active in the arts and cultural scene in her home town for many years. Ly is now managing the event-listing website and online creative hub, Hanoi Grapevine. Photo by Vietcetera 




Tran Vu Nguyen

One of the most business-savvy personalities of the Danang creative scene, Nguyen – friendly referred to as “Bung” – offers a well of knowledge and skills to young creative entrepreneurs of this dynamic city in central Vietnam. He was formerly known as CEO of Danang Business Incubator (DNES), one of the first public-private partnerships that Vietnam had to offer the country’s emerging creative start-up community.

Bui Hoai Son

Dr Bui Hoai Son was appointed director of the Vietnam National Institute for Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS) in 2017, having been a key member of this key institution in the arts and culture in Vietnam over the last 20 years. Dr Son was part of the expert group that penned the ‘National Strategy for the Development of Cultural Industries to 2020, vision 2030’, ratified by the Vietnamese government in 2016.


Huynh Kim Tuoc

Huynh Kim Tuoc is an investor and strategist in innovation, technology transfers and renewable energy. He co-founded a number of companies and organisations in these fields, working with a particular focus on international corporation and public-private partnerships. Tuoc is a founding member and director of Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB), under the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City. 


Nguyen Anh-Tuan

Anh-Tuan has worked as art researcher at the Hanoi Institute of Art from 2002-2015 and as manager of Muong AIR, the artist-in-residency programme of Muong Studio, the Muong Cultural Museum, between 2011-2016. Currently, Anh-Tuan is art director of Heritage Space, an independent art space in Hanoi and has taken on the responsibility as programme manager appointed by the Indochina Arts Partnership in Vietnam.

Nguyen Bich Tra

Tra runs San Art, an artist initiated, non-profit contemporary art organisation committed to the exchange and excavation of cultural knowledge within an interdisciplinary community. Besides her San Art life, Tra writes with a passion and was behind an exciting theatre project called The Run. 

Phan Dang Di

Phan Dang Di began his independent film-making career after graduating from the Screenwriting Department of Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema. As president and co-founder of Autumn Meeting, Di hopes to instigate a “Vietnamese New Wave” by establishing a platform where young and exciting film-makers from Vietnam and the region can gather and grow together. Photo by Dep Online