CCD and Outstanding Performer Ngọc Khanh on stage ©

Phan Hieu

The Library of Southern Music is a project by Cultural Community Discourse which seeks to digitally archive and promote various materials (videos, research essays/books, transcripts, etc.) related to Southern Vietnamese art-forms over the past four centuries (such as cải lương, hát bội, đờn ca tài tử, amongst others). Hosted on both a dedicated website and a YouTube channel, the project complements the organisation's other, long-standing activities (talks and performances) around the same thematics, with the goal of making these art-forms more accessible to young audiences.

Cultural Community Discourse seeks to examine the layered culture(s) of a community, to create a space of discourse about elements that construct a community’s identity, materials that weave a community’s collective memories, and what can happen when communities converge and interact.