Screening of “Last Journey of Madam Phung” (Director Nguyen Thi Tham) at Quan Cam, Hanoi ©

Bui Nguyen Phuc

A self-proclaimed ‘forever festival’ without a beginning nor an end, Vườn Lài Wonderland is a celebration of queer culture on screen. From home movies, interview footage to independent/experimental works to sitcoms and commercial productions, the project explores what it means to be queer in Vietnam, and how this experience has been perceived and portrayed throughout decades – by the queer community as much as by others looking in. Moving beyond the screening-and-discussion format, the events – spontaneous, free-forming and wide-reaching, and which could almost be considered as durational performances – also take in multiple other forms of workshops and activities (including knitting and drawing), and will take place in Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City. The project is conceived and curated by artist Nguyen Quoc Thanh and the Queer Forever collective.