Performance of Jiradej Setabundhu’s piece The Valley is Uncanny. Image c/o the project.

Taking place between 16–21 December 2018, the first edition in five years of the Hanoi New Music Festival (organised by Dom Dom Centre) encompassed a symposium and performances of works (ranging from contemporary classical, music theatre, sound art, to noise and free-improv). With a focus on the scenes in South East Asia and Japan (from both the academia and the underground), the festival dug deep into trans-border and inter-temporal dynamics. Supported by FAMLAB Fund, various concerts and symposium sessions explored the interplay between traditional and contemporary forms of sonic-making. 

Some of the artists with works performed at the festival include Otomo Yoshihide (Japan), Kim Ngọc, SơnX, The Six Tones (Vietnam/Sweden), Arnont Nongyao (Thailand), Otto Sidharta (Indonesia), amongst others. 

Some of the speakers at the symposium include Barley Norton (UK), Joyce Beetuan Koh (Singapore), Song Seng (Cambodia), Dayang Yraola (Philippines), amongst others.