Họa âm xưa album artwork. Image c/o Saigon Soul Revival.

Saigon Soul Revival’s debut album Họa âm xưa (Old Harmonies) features both original compositions inspired by the 1960s-1970s nhạc vàng spirit, and contemporary re-interpretations of classic tracks from that era, such as Giây phút cuối tuần (The Weekend), or the never-before-recorded composition Tình nhạc sĩ (Love of a Composer). 

The recording process – overseen by long-time collaborator, producer/DJ Jan Hagenkoetter (renowned for the two Saigon Supersound compilations, amongst other things) – also saw the band working with a diverse cast of collaborators: legendary nhạc vàng singer Mai Le Huyen, renowned đàn tranh player Hai Phuong, underground hip-hop artist Blacka, or Ho Chi Minh City based saxophone player Ben Litwicki). 

A message from the band: 

“The touching lyrics and raw emotions in these old songs help us further appreciate Vietnamese culture and gives a better understanding of this beautiful country’s heritage and its people. We feel this music possesses a powerful human element that ought to be known internationally. It is as exciting of a journey for us to discover these forgotten sounds and stories, as it is to share it with the rest of the world. We wish to share this beautiful music and remind Vietnamese people of different ages and backgrounds that they have much to be proud of.”

Saigon Soul Revival are: Nguyen Anh Minh (vocal), Indy Jeremy Vinh Laville (guitar), Nguyen Huong Bao Hieu (drums), Gabriel Kaouros (bass), Tran Nam Ky (keys).

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