Stills from The Glorious Pain, a documentary funded by the British Council under FAMLAB Fund (Film, Archive and Music Lab) ©

Nguyen Van Thanh

Please cite the source of the British Council's Heritage of Future Past when using the material.

This section presents audio-visual and textual content generated across the two strands of the project: Community Cultural Heritage, and FAMLAB (Film–Archive–Music Lab), putting the spotlight on a number of happenings and communities all over Vietnam. Here you will find reports, books, videos, recordings, documentary films etc. surrounding music and film heritage assets of Vietnam; as well as the communities identifying as owners of these assets and artists and practitioners whose work exploring them. In sharing these resource materials, we aim to support better understanding and appreciation for the cultural heritage of Vietnam, particularly aspects that are under-represented or at risk of disappearing. We hope that they will help to promote the importance and relevance of cultural heritage in celebrating the past, further understanding our present and creating a shared future.    

The building of this section is an on-going process – further content will be added as the project progresses.

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