Throughout the first year of Heritage of Future Past, a series of community-based and community-led activities took place at the village of Mo H’ra, taking a holistic approach towards strengthening a more visible presence of Bahnar gong music within an everyday context. With the support of researchers and experts from the Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS), an existing gathering space – located on the same premises as the village’s traditional nha rong – now leads a parallel life as a community museum, the permanent exhibit for which developed by the villagers with objects they themselves donated. 

This short film records the thoughts and hope of Mo H’ra villagers during the process of building the community museum collection, and what this means to them. A snapshot of heritage tourism activities in the village – initiated by Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI) – is also captured through the video. 

The film was shot at Mo H’ra village and edited by WeCreate Content.