CONVERSATIONS, the first piece performed at the concert, encompasses short poetic musical stanzas, showcasing a wide variety of musical colours and temperaments. A procession of duets between musical instruments of different cultures points to surprising parallels: the Cham kani and the cello, wind instruments from the North West of Vietnam meet their Western counterparts, the dan goong and the harp, dan tinh and dan nguyet, the undertone of drone and electronics, the female voices of Esther Swift, Mai Khoi and H’ Nrũil Kră Jãn accompanied by a gong loop and numerous percussions, etc.). A Scottish interlude leads to the gradual coming-together of the orchestra, and an ever-expanding chorus sees harpist/singer Esther Swift singing moving words from the Jackie Kay poem ‘Darling’ on saying goodbye to the past – celebrating it, but letting it go.

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Film crew: Le Kim Hung, Vu Viet Hung, Than Thi Thu Hang
Sound: Nguyen Nhat Ly