British Council

As part of the research and documentation of Bahnar cultural heritage assets, the project’s local partner the Central Highlands Centre for Rural Development has been working with local artisans, researchers, translators and scholars to compile a book about the Gong Ching culture of Bahnar people since March 2019. This research aims to show how important Gongs are to the culture of the Bahnar people. The book has been developed in an animation format by a local artist, with texts in three languages Bahnar, Vietnamese and English. The book was published in collaboration with the Ethnography Publishing House. Some 1,000 copies were made available. 

  • Researcher: Linh Nga Niê Kđam
  • Illustrator: Y Kô Niê
  • Bahnar translator: Meritorious artist A Đuh
  • English translator: Bùi Lan Phương

Read the full book here.