Interview with actress and producer Kiều Chinh at her residence in California (USA). Image c/o the project.

Saigon Cinema 1954–1975 is thus a research project that seeks to illuminate a forgotten period in Vietnam’s cinema history, undertaken by film writer/journalist Le Hong Lam (author of the book 101 Best Vietnamese Films). 

As part of Heritage Future Past funded by the British Council, Saigon Cinema 1954–1975 was launched in Spring 2020. In addition to book launches, a screening programme of the movie of the same name ‘Warrior, Who are you? - Cinema in South Vietnam before 1975’ was held and introduced to interested readers and viewers.  

‘Warrior, Who are you?’ will be a journey to find the silhouette of ‘lover’ through documents, slices, stories, and encounters to recreate a vague portrait. You can watch ‘Warrior, Who are you?’ here.