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If you are thinking of studying for a degree course in art and design, attending a university in the UK is worth serious consideration. The UK offers some of the best intuitions for art and design, with a wide range of courses that will help you develop your skills and creativity as an artist. As one of the world leaders in global art creation, the UK offers many different art and design courses across various industries. Art is a strong part of British society, history and culture. Whether you are planning on becoming a professional illustrator, graphic designer or freelance artist, you'll find your creative home in the UK, which is where some of the most famous art galleries in the world are based. Here is how studying for a degree in art and design in the UK will help unleash your creativity.   

Get inspired with leading arts and design facilities and a creative study environment at the University of Hull 

Academics believe that now more than ever, the world is looking to the creators, designers, performers and producers of the future (basically, students like you!). Students who have the potential to lead the future of the creative industries deserve the best university facilities to achieve their dreams, and this is how you can harness your creativity and develop a unique artistic style. 

Your future university should allow you to flourish within a vibrant hub for learning and the creation of artistic outputs, with an exciting range of performance and production opportunities. At the University of Hull, art and design undergraduates and postgraduates are met with a truly collaborative environment where students should learn with (and from) those who truly influence their fields of study and research. 

The School of Arts at the University of Hull is a vibrant, multi-disciplinary arts community which specialises in the creative industries, drama, film, game and graphic design, media and music production. With a rich history spanning over 50 years, you will find that leading industry practitioners studied here, and the School's academics are all experts in their fields. 

For music students, excellent facilities include state-of-the-art recording studios and a multi-million pound development, Middleton Hall, which is a world-class arts venue incorporating a 400-seat concert hall, industry standard recording studios and rehearsal spaces. Hull is also one of the few universities in the UK to have a fully working, professionally licensed theatre, (the Gulbenkian Centre), which is a purpose-built working theatre complete with studios and workshops for drama students. Elsewhere on campus, media studies and media production students have exclusive access to Hull's media labs – home to the latest digital media software and hardware used in the industry today. 

No expense has been spared to create the best study facilities at Hull for a range of arts and design programmes. These degree courses come with very real opportunities and future career prospects, where students will be given the opportunity to join a future global community of performers, producers, composers, designers, storytellers, film-makers and writers. 

Gain industry links and practice opportunities for further creative development at Brunel University London 

At Brunel University London, students can expect plenty of opportunities for practice and to nurture their creative skills. You'll enjoy a hands-on degree with a strong practical element and a technical and creative mix. In doing so, courses at the university allow students to generate a stream of new and vivid ideas, products and digital creations. Students are also given plenty of opportunities to connect with industry and grow their personal networks. With help from an extensive support network, graduates go on to work in a variety of organisations – from small innovative start-ups, to multinational companies such as Canon, Chanel, DNEG, Dyson, Fjord, Hasbro, Industrial Light & Magic, Jaguar Land Rover and Lego.  

Graduates from the Brunel design school are highly valued in industry, working around the world for organisations where excellence in design is crucial to brands. You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your projects at various student-led events, including industry review evenings and annual exhibitions Made in Brunel and the Brunel DigitalTM degree show. Exhibiting creative work here is a great way for you to connect with the creative industries and showcase your talent.  

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Brunel include BSc / MDes Design, BA Industrial Design, BSc (Hons) Digital Design and BSc (Hons) Visual Effects and Motion Graphics ) 

At Brunel Design School, students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to develop innovative ideas in the real world and to thrive in the areas of sustainability, human-centred design, enabling technology and business strategy. The school brings together exciting subject-areas of design and digital media. The university stands out as unique in the UK by weaving design thinking into technology.  

During your design degree, you’ll formulate a comprehensive portfolio showing the development of your ideas from research to final design solutions. To aid this, you’ll have access to modern facilities, including dedicated studio spaces, extensive workshops and 3D printing laboratories. Apart from industrial design and product design courses, Brunel's digital media courses combine creative arts, design and creative technologies with significant input from industry colleagues. During your studies, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including an industry standard VFX green screen studio, 4K digital cinema cameras, render farm, immersive 360° 3D dome, and an immersive virtual environment laboratory. 

Throughout your degree at Brunel, you will be supported to enhance both your creative and technical ability. You will be immersed into a tight-knit community all striving towards the same goal – to identify fantastic ideas for the real world. 

Art and design are two of the most important aspects of British culture. As home to some of the world's most important and well-regarded artistic and creative institutions and companies, the UK is an amazing country for a student to study design and the arts at degree level. The UK offers many world-leading institutions to arts and design students who are looking to find their unique style of creativity. You'll be met with inspiring learning environments, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, academic support and plenty of opportunities to expand your professional network so that you can take your artistic talent to the next level.   

For more information, you can visit the University of Hull and Brunel University London websites.

University of Hull: https://www.hull.ac.uk/ 

Brunel University London: https://www.brunel.ac.uk/ 


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