The Study UK Alumni Awards has reached its fourth year in Viet Nam and we have seen various winners and finalists showcasing their substantial contributions to their communities across different sectors in Viet Nam. If you want to learn from their experience and get inspired, British Council will collaborate with UK Alumni Association (UKAV) to organise four professional talks where you can interact with successful UK alumni in Viet Nam as well as get an insight into their work.

These activities welcome UK alumni who are newly graduated, mid-career professionals and align to the theme Networking. The Alumni talks will focus on 4 themes: 

  1. Business and Innovation 
  2. Culture and Creative 
  3. Science and Sustainable 
  4. Social Impact

Join us virtually on 22-23 November for the Alumni talks series focused on four topics:

Business and Innovation (Virtually – 22/11/23)

Topic: "Entrepreneurial Insights: Building Successful Startups"

Description: Hear from UK alumni entrepreneurs who have launched successful startups. Learn about their experiences, challenges, and strategies for turning innovative ideas into thriving businesses, contributing to economic growth and innovation.

Culture and Creative (Virtually – 22/11/23)

Topic: "Cultural Diplomacy: Bridging Nations through the Arts"

Description: Explore the role of culture and the arts in fostering international connections. UK alumni share their experiences in using creative mediums to bridge cultural gaps, promote understanding, and strengthen global relationships.

Science and Sustainability (Virtually – 23/11/23)

Topic: "Sustainable Innovations for a Changing Climate"

Description: Delve into the innovative ways UK alumni are addressing climate change and environmental challenges. Discover sustainable technologies, research breakthroughs, and initiatives that are contributing to a more sustainable future.

Social Impact (Virtually – 23/11/23)

Topic: "Empowerment Through Education: Transforming Lives and Communities"

Description: Hear inspiring stories of UK alumni who are driving social impact through education initiatives. Learn about projects that promote access to education, skill development, and capacity-building, elevating individuals and communities.

Hear from successful UK Alumni speakers to enhance your understanding and skills in these areas. Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with fellow UK Alumni.