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If you have decided to study for a degree at a UK institution to kickstart your career, you've made a great choice! The UK welcomes thousands of international students from across the world every year, and offers students coming from overseas many extra benefits compared to other study destinations. For example, as of 1 July 2021, international students who have successfully completed an undergraduate or master’s degree will be able to benefit from two years’ work experience in the UK upon graduation, through the new Graduate Route initiative. Students who complete a PhD will be able to stay for three years to work and start their careers. Many UK universities offer students services that give guidance on career development and securing a job. Here are three universities that do just that!  

1. Get real-life job experience through Cranfield’s Career Development Service 

The Career Development Service is an important part of the Cranfield University Student Experience support function. The service offers significant real-world experience in the areas of coaching, recruitment, human resources and business development. Students are encouraged to develop their personal career journey, so they can find meaningful employment that utilises their Cranfield qualification. From delivering personal coaching to establishing links with employers – you'll find that the Career Development Service delivers it all.   

The aim of the service is to support all MSc, MBA and Ph.D students with their career journey at Cranfield and beyond. This works most effectively if students engage with the careers team from the start – ideally before they arrive on campus. From day one, students can receive coaching appointments with in-house career advisors, CV writing, cover letter development and application form advice, interview skills training, external industry expert workshops, and career direction and transition management coaching. Students also have access to various digital and print resources including learning packs, fact sheets, tutorials and videos. There will also be pop-up careers stands, desk-side workshops, and assisted company visits at the university. Cranfield will signpost relevant employment opportunities, internships and competitions, and offer support in negotiating salary and benefits packages. For those that want to start their own business, there is advice on offer for entrepreneurs creating a start-up. International students who require a visa to study in the UK will also be in close contact with the visas and immigration team, who will offer the latest advice and guidance on working and living in the UK and abroad.  

Students can access an online career management portal, live appointment system and vacancy database for their job hunt, and access subscription resources, invitations to alumni careers and networking events. Cranfield builds relationships with industry to generate relevant and timely graduate employment opportunities. 

For entrepreneurs, there is The Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship. Cranfield focuses on the study and facilitation of entrepreneurial growth, and aims to unlock the entrepreneurial potential of high growth businesses by closely linking research, education and practice. The Centre also acts as the entrepreneurial hub for Cranfield University, working closely with the Research Innovation Office to provide entrepreneurship support to all students, faculty and staff across campus. 

2. Identify potential job opportunities through Brunel’s Professional Development Centre  

The Professional Development Centre at Brunel University London is a dedicated team of Careers Consultants who work with students throughout their time at Brunel, as well as up to two years after they graduate, to help them identify potential career options and to successfully navigate the recruitment process. Brunel University London welcomes nearly 15,000 students a year from over 100 countries worldwide, and the university provides a range of services to support every student’s career development and to help get them ready for work. You can rest assured that staff at Brunel University London are there for you at every stage of your student journey, even last for three years after graduation, including offering help with job applications, interviews and job hunting. Brunel has a team of over 30 staff who are here to help student improve their employability by developing the skills and experience needed to stand out in the job market. They are the expert career consultants offer guidance in all subject areas to support each and every student.   

You'll get access to resources, workshops, and one-to-one appointments to help with your CV, applications and LinkedIn profile. You'll also get training on how to prepare for interviews, take psychometric tests, find work while you study, build your skills and experience and find a graduate role. Staff at Brunel University London will help you to explore possible career paths, find out about postgraduate study options, and understand equality and diversity issues related to employment. You'll have increased chances and insight into finding work as an international student, and will discover how you can work and study internationally if you plan to do further study after completing your degree. You can also always book an appointment with a careers  Career consultant at any time when you need help.   

For students aiming to develop their entrepreneurial skills, if you have a business idea and would like some support, the Brunel Professional Development Centre has an Entrepreneur Hub that provides advice and guidance to students and graduates (from the last three years). At the Hub, staff will help you to develop the entrepreneurial skills that you need to work as a freelancer in your chosen industry, or to start a business. The Services offered by Brunel Entrepreneur Hub include one-to-one appointments, free advice from business specialists, events and workshops and self-employed placement.  

3. Become an entrepreneur with Falmouth’s Launchpad 

If you want to start your own business, you'll find all the career support you need at Falmouth University. Falmouth offers students an unrivalled opportunity to not only learn about entrepreneurship but to become entrepreneurs themselves, which is reflected in the university’s #3 ranking in Tide’s University Start-Up League in December 2021.   

Entrepreneurship is central to all of Falmouth’s Business courses. Following the motto that “entrepreneurship is a mindset, not a job title”, students are encouraged to be fearless in the pursuit of innovation across a spectrum of sectors. Every business degree allows students to apply key business theories to real-world problems through live briefs, marketing campaigns for real clients and the development of new businesses or products.   

At the postgraduate level, students can develop their own businesses alongside their Master's study, so they graduate as a director of their own high-growth businesses. During their study, students will put relevant business and management knowledge into practice – including finance, sales and marketing. Using reflective practice, they explore project management techniques and build their leadership skills, and by looking into communication strategies in different media, they get a better idea of their role in a team and develop their interpersonal skills.  

Backing up their expertise, students will research modern business and management issues and practices, and evaluate information, business areas and working methods. Finally, students will analyse, evaluate and apply creative ideas, to come up with original solutions to complex problems.  

The university’s Launchpad venture studio builds on this teaching by creating the perfect environment for real-life entrepreneurial success. If you are accepted onto the university’s Launchpad programme, you will be supported by successful and experienced coaches and mentors to help create an in-demand, cutting-edge company. A large Market Test Fund assists students to conduct research and prototyping to test out their ideas. Students can also receive significant financial support and study for a fee-free Masters degree in Entrepreneurship. And when students are ready to launch their companies, the Investment Team gives access to a valuable investor network that can accelerate the growth of new companies.   

Companies emerging from students at Falmouth cover a wide range of products and sectors. To offer a few examples, Constructiv has developed an app to aid the recruitment of construction workers; Data Duopoloy has developed tools to identify and ease congestion at visitor attractions; and Meatfreed is a community for people seeking alternative sources of protein. Students who attend Falmouth University are the most likely in the UK to start or manage a business following graduation (Capital on Tap, 2021). 

If you are an international student looking for an ideal country to study in with ongoing careers support both during and after your degree, look no further than the UK. Many UK universities offer careers guidance, entrepreneurial business development and platforms in which you can identify job opportunities in your chosen sector. Through this support, you'll be able to kickstart your career while expanding your skillset and studying for your degree. You can also benefit from the Graduate Route scheme, in which international students who have successfully completed an undergraduate or master’s degree can benefit from two years’ work experience in the UK.  

For more information, you can visit the Cranfield University, Brunel University London and Falmouth University websites.    

Cranfield University:www.cranfield.ac.uk  

Brunel University London:www.brunel.ac.uk  

Falmouth University:www.falmouth.ac.uk  



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