Two women touching hands, palm to palm, in a Theatre performance.

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Empowering young people through the power of the arts and theatre is the key priority of this engaging new project.

Look Again – Hay Nhin Lai  is welcoming secondary school teachers and art centre workers from across Viet Nam to take part in a creative training workshop in Hanoi, focusing on the methodology of Forum Theatre.   

Participants will gain knowledge on a wide range of topics, from environmentalism to bullying and sexism, which they will then share with their communities and use as inspiration for the development of youth theatre performances that will be documented and recorded via video and showcased in a mini theatre festival in Hanoi.   

About the collaborators 

Pan Intercultural Arts and Life Art Vietnam are merging their experience to create a fantastic way for young people to use drama to examine issues in their lives and find constructive alternatives. Pan has used this method, Forum Theatre, in many countries and situations to work for better futures and Life Art has a wide network of teachers who can learn our methods and cascade them to their peers. By the end results of the project will be showcase the value of theatre as an empowering tool to challenge injustice and forge better lives.  

  • About John Martin - Artistic Director, Pan Intercultural Arts 
    John Martin trained at Bristol University and the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. He has concentrated on using the Arts for Social Change and has been invited by various global NGOs to deliver programmes to aid the rehabilitation of people affected by war, natural disaster and poverty in many countries.   
  • About Thu Dang – Director, Life Art Vietnam 
    Thu Dang trained with David Glass Ensemble on Applied Theatre and having a background of Social Work. Since 2004, she has dedicated to Art for Development through various consulting programmes for NGOs and schools in which thousands of disadvantaged people, people in the remote areas and young people were empowered.   

How to take part 

Information about how to take part in the 'Look Again – Hay Nhin Lai' workshops will be released soon. The training is open to secondary school teachers, contact LifeArt to apply. 

The mini theatre festival in Hanoi will take place in late 2023 and will be open to the public.