Building a self-sustaining educational network is at the heart of this online training project, which aims to integrate climate knowledge into the process of teaching English.  

Teachers will be inspired to adopt a changemaker mindset and to use their expanded understanding of environmental issues to elevate their work as educators. These teachers will then be encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with other teachers, using this programme as a framework, to expanding the network of knowledge and encouraging discussion about climate change to classrooms throughout Viet Nam.   

About the collaborators  

CELT is a UK-based private language school which specialises in online teacher development especially in low-resource contexts. It also offers face-to-face general and exam preparation for students aged 13 and older.   

Renewable English was founded in 2020 to provide educators and learners with clear and simple lessons and materials free of charge to help them get to grips with the climate crisis. 

Phenikaa University develops collaborative relationships based on mutual trust with national and international partners through cooperative activities such as joint research, technology transfer, international projects and conferences, international joint training programs, satellite offices, and student and staff exchange.

How to take part 

More information about how to take part in the professional development networks will be released in June 2023.