Wave logo in blue, purple and green tones, with the text 7-Cs Teacher Development Project.

Climate Action is brought into classrooms throughout northern Viet Nam in this innovative educational project.

English teachers from secondary schools in seven northern Vietnamese provinces will participate in five tutorials, Q&A sessions and an eight-week online, live course that will give them the confidence and language to discuss climate and sustainability goals with their students.  

The programme will focus on the on the seven ‘C’s of collaboration, climate action awareness, capacity building, change-makers, communicative English skills, classroom methodology and confidence building. 
This teacher development training programme will also include a collaborative e-book and the opportunity for ten participants to become Master Trainers cascading the course to future generations.


About the collaborators

This is a new partnership between Peartree Languages (PL) and The Centre for Testing and Quality Management in Education (CTEQ) part of Thai Nguyen University (TNU). PL was established in 2005 and accredited by the British Council for the Teaching of English. PL creates multi-skill participant-centred courses, services and materials, providing English language development alongside further competencies required for a 21st century education. CTEQ was established in 2019 by the MOET as an independent centre for testing and implementing foreign language projects. A key role is to implement the NLFPs granted to TNU, delivering hundreds of training courses to date.

How to take part

Resources from the Project will be available in 2023.