Six women in traditional Vietnamese clothing stand together looking directly at the camera in a field.
Land, Water, Heaven: cross encounters, joining threads.  ©

Benjamin Reich

Join us in celebrating the true spirit of collaboration in this inspiring project uniting three groups of creatives for an epic design showcase.

The Blue H’mong craftswomen of Pa Co village, the candle artisans of WAX Atelier and artists from Kilomet109 will come together for a three-week residency at APD Centre in Hanoi and Pa Co to share ideas, techniques and inspiration based on their shared heritage, as well as Mother Goddess beliefs and rituals. They will work to create a new collective body of work recognising their common points and differences that will then be shared with audiences through a design showcase in the UK at the London Design Festival in September, as well as talks and workshops in Hanoi and at Viet Nam Design Week.

About the collaborators

WAX Atelier (UK), Kilomet109 (Hanoi) and the Blue H’mong craft artisans (Pa Co) are delighted to collaborate on a new body of work for UK/Viet Nam Season 2023. This project builds upon the relationship already established between our group since 2019. Our project playfully titled “Land, Water, Heaven: cross encounters, joining threads” makes cross-cultural connections between the landscape, local materials, everyday rituals, and spiritual beliefs. These themes will be revealed through the lens of craft and material exploration.

WAX Atelier, Kilomet109 and The Blue H’mong artisans are highly motivated to lead this cross-cultural collaboration to celebrate the shared craft heritage between the UK and Viet Nam.

How to take part

Land, Water, Heaven: cross encounters, joining threads will hold a series of workshops and exhibitions in Hanoi and London. 

Pecha Kucha:  'Wax Descartes?!' Workshop
Date: 15 June 2023
Location: APD Centre, Hanoi, Viet Nam 

Final Showcase
Date: 23-29 September 2023 
Location: Temple of Literature, Hanoi

Private view and curated tour 
Date: 23 September 2023
Location: TBC

Braiding string Workshop
Date: 23 and 24 September 2023
Time: 14.00 - 15.30 and 16.00 - 17.30  
Location: Temple of Literature

Dyeing workshop
Date: TBC
Location: TBC

A design showcase, guided tours and public workshops as part of the London Design Festival
Date: 16-23 September, 2023
Location: TBC UK    
Partners: Company Place, Flax Exchange, Margent Farm, Native Hands, WAX Atelier, Kilomet 109, Blue Hmong craftswomen of Pa Co village, Grant Gibson / Material Matters, London Design Festival, LB Agency   

The exhibition will attract design professional, artists, and students keen to see new techniques, blending materials, design and craft techniques from Vietnamese and UK artists. The aim is to spark new conversations surrounding craft knowledge between the UK and Viet Nam.