Landscape of mountains and a forest.
Viet Nam’s Future Forests ©

Image credit: Viet Nam’s forest landscapes. Copyright: Dominick Spracklen

Leading experts in the field of ecosystem restoration from the UK and Viet Nam will come together for a series of workshops exploring ways to climate proof landscapes that have become vulnerable due to logging and forest loss. 

Academics, practitioners and policy makers will collaborate, sharing ideas and planning future action alongside artists and researchers responding creatively to environmental issues identified in the project. Early career researchers will also be invited to take part in all aspects of the programme, including workshop development, with the goal of supporting and developing the knowledge and skills of the next generation.

About the collaborators

The project includes a wide range of collaborators in the UK and Vietnam including the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), Viet Nature Conservation Centre, World Land Trust, and the University of York.

How to take part

Resources from the Project will be available in 2023.