The Professional Development and Engagement Programme will support the research environment and enable optimal impact from research, shaped by the demands and development priorities of the partner country.

 The programme will:

  • support skills development in researchers, research managers, and support staff, to give them the knowledge and skills they need to better access funding, communicate their research, translate their research into benefit and work strategically and internationally
  • support dialogue and knowledge exchange on research governance and strategic research policy development to ensure that the research environment in partner countries is more conducive to achieving maximum impact from high quality research
  • build opportunities for researchers to engage with the wider community and with policy-makers so they are able to be more responsive to the needs of poorest communities and policy decisions are informed by up to date research evidence.


Activities under the programme will likely fall into three categories; skills training, support for research governance and management, and engaging researchers with end-users.

Exact activities will be announced on a country by country basis. 

UK experts will be engaged with opportunities when they arise. All opportunities will be listed on this page and the British Council science and research opportunities page.

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