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UK- Vietnam workshop on Innovation in Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Environment

Time   : 9 - 12 March 2015
             13 March (optional) for researchers delivering the social event on 'Science makes fun'
Venue: Hanoi University of Science and Technology, No. 1 Dai Co Viet street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam


  • British Council Vietnam
  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam
  • Newcastle University, UK


  • Policy dialogue
  • Thematic workshops
  • Scientific research exhibition
  • Field trips
  • Social event on 'Science makes fun'


The workshop will be conducted entirely in English.


This workshop will bring together researchers from diverse specialisms to discuss and identify routes to solutions to important research problems and to share their successes in chemical engineering for sustainable energy and environment.  It will support participants’ understanding of each other's work, prepare participants for research at an international level, and encourage the development of new collaborative working teams.

The workshop aims to examine and exchange information on three themes: 

  • Industrial waste treatment
  • Green energy conversion from chemical processes
  • Green chemical and electrochemical processes

With the first theme, participants will focus on new technologies for waste water treatment and metal recycling which draws great interest from both UK and Vietnam.  The second theme examines various innovations in Green Energy Conversion.  Finally the third theme will focus on emerging green chemical technologies. In particular these aspects are expected to enable sustainable processes for manufacturing whilst minimising the carbon foot-print, and reconfiguring the extraction and exploitation of useful materials from natural products.

An additional and important aspect of this workshop is to involve early career researchers from the UK and Vietnam, who will have the opportunity to participate in a field trip to examine wasted water treatment systems in Vietnam and discuss the local solutions to this environment problem.

The workshop is a great chance for young UK researchers who have just started their career.  It is important that young researchers from UK have more chances to make contact with their colleagues abroad, not only to exchange information, but also to gain more ideas for developing their own research.  This international collaboration will also give UK researchers an opportunity to develop links which will lead to substantive proposals for international collaborative projects, particularly in the fields of environment and energy.

For Vietnamese participants, the workshop is clearly a very good opportunity for researchers to exchange the latest technological information, establish networks with industries and propose new research projects in order to solve problems in the environment and energy fields.  This kind of activity is even more important for Vietnamese young researchers due to the lack of information and conditions worldwide to realise their research ideas.


Organisers will cover all costs related to the participation in the workshop, including: travel (both international and local), accommodation and meals.  Costs for the visa will be covered as well; however participants will be responsible for making all the necessary arrangements to obtain appropriate visas. 

Important Note: Although this cost will not be covered by the organisers, participants are encouraged to purchase adequate travel and medical insurance.  Organisers accept no responsibility for any problems which may occur when participants are in-country. 

Please submit the online registration form and abstract form before 16 January 2015.  Successful applications will be announced on 20 January 2015.


  • Applications must be submitted via above online registration link 
  • Applicants must be submitted before the above deadline
  • Applicants must be early career researchers: Early Career Researchers are defined as holding a PhD (or having equivalent research experience in Chemical and Material Engineering), especially in Waste Treatment and Recycling, Green Energy Conversion from chemical processes and Green Chemicaland electrochemical Processes) and having up to 10 years post-PhD research experience.  They are equivalent to the ‘Recognised Researcher’ and sometimes ‘Experienced Researcher’ categories in the EU framework for researchers’ careers
  • Applicants must have research and academic positions (permanent post, research contract, or fellowship etc) at recognised research institutions either in the UK or in Vietnam.
  • Selected applicants will present an oral presentation of their recent work during the workshop


  • Experience and relevance of the applicant’s research area to the workshop
  • Preference will be given to applicants from the following fields:

   - Chemical engineering
   - Electrochemical engineering
   - Environmental engineering
   - Materials
   - Energy

  • Motivation and contribution to the aims of the workshop
  • Description of the long term impact expected through participation in the workshop 
  • Ability to disseminate workshop outcomes


  • Eligibility check
  • Quality assessment


The British Council is committed to equal opportunities and diversity in all its activities and this includes the avoidance of any bias in the assessment of applications due to gender, disability, racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or religious belief.  Applicants’ selection undertaken by workshop organisers must not contravene this policy.  Extra support to enable participation of early career researchers with special needs will be given. 


See the PDF document below


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