'Research Performance in South East Asia' Report

The Research Performance in South East Asia executive summary report, undertaken by Elsevier Analytical Services under the UK-South East Asia Knowledge Partnership – an alliance between the FCO and the British Council, was officially launched at the Going Global in London at the beginning of June 2015.

The report highlighted the research performance of five South East Asia countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Malaysia has strongly risen in its research impact over the last five years with over 23,000 papers cited globally in 2013, whilst the Philippines has constantly remained significantly above the world average in terms of impact alongside Singapore, which sustains its superior research performance and collaborations in the region. Vietnam and Thailand are roughly around the world average over the past few years while Indonesia has experienced a consistent decrease in impact.

The report was launched by an esteemed panel of members from Going Global, including Vivienne Stern, Director from the Higher Education International Unit; Claire Durkin, Deputy Director of BIS; Associate Professor Dr Duong Anh Duc, Vice President of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, and Dr Halima Begum, Director of Education East Asia from the British Council. The lively discussion at the session was a useful opportunity to also highlight the challenges and divergence within ASEAN related to English language levels and areas of mutual research interests, nonetheless, the capacity and opportunities in the region give rise for greater connections between governments and higher education institutions to address major global challenges.

This report is available only in English.