British Council

The research report Towards a More Competitive Transnational Education (TNE) Environment in Viet Nam is a collaborative effort on technical assistance provided by the British Council and the British Embassy Hanoi to the Ministry of Education and Training of Viet Nam (MOET) in conducting a comparative study on Viet Nam’s TNE market openness. It reflects our collective commitment to foster the UK–Viet Nam partnerships and enhance Viet Nam’s education landscape.

The collaboration also falls under the Government Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the UK and Viet Nam on education cooperation signed in October 2019. The MoU sets the foundation for partnerships in education between two countries. Sectors covered are higher education, international schools, early years education, English language training and education technology. The UK and Viet Nam also signed a separate MoU on Vocational Education and Training cooperation in April 2022.

This research is an outcome of the Work Plan agreed between the British Council and MOET as well as part of the UK–Viet Nam Government MoU on education cooperation. In this research, we investigate the landscape of TNE in Viet Nam, benchmarking with selected countries, analysing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Transnational education has emerged as a key driver of educational reform and internationalisation in Viet Nam. As the country’s economic and social landscape continues to evolve, so does the demand for high-quality international education. The report highlights the potential for increased openness in the TNE sector and the valuable contributions that the UK can make through strategic partnerships.