The first three months of 2018 hosted various exciting education activities in Vietnam that brought UK and Vietnam higher education closer than ever. The activities range from knowledge exchange in teaching and learning and innovation and start-ups, to inputs and contribution to policies in higher education. Various partners from higher education institutions from Vietnam and the UK, and national and international organisations have joined in these activities.

The very first UK – Vietnam higher education workshop of the year 2018 was a five-day ToT (Train the Trainer) workshop in Innovation and Entrepreneurship for lecturers and students of Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), organised by the School of Chemical Engineering, HUST and delivered by Coventry University, UK. The training was part of the project ‘Development of the Start-up ecosystem course and showcase design for Vietnam Chemical Engineering sector,’ supported by the British Council Higher Education Partnership (HEP) Initiative. See more

The second series of workshops and training for trainers and implementers in the year was around BIM (Building Information Modelling) – how to boost the adoption of BIM in Vietnam. This is part of the project ‘Developing BIM human resources in Vietnam through the emergence and delivery of BIM professional training courses and sustainable partnerships with business/industry’ supported by British Council HEP Initiative. Key partners in this project are National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) and Queens Belfast University, UK. See more

Apart from HEP Initiative projects, the British Council is also supporting to national projects that aim at building capacity for higher education in Vietnam. The workshop ‘Continuous professional development (CPD) for teachers and school leaders – the UK and International Practice,’ organised by the British Council in partnership with the National Academy of Education Management in March, set the tone for discussion around how UK expertise and experiences nationally and internationally in CPD can contribute to Vietnam's agenda in CPD for teacher education. Prof. Sally Thomas from University of Bristol said that ‘I would be very happy to develop further possible collaboration with ETEP (Enhance Teacher Education Programme) leaders on PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) in partnership with the British Council.’ See more 

Last but not least, two UK higher education experts, with extensive knowledge and experience both in government organisations and universities in Wales, were invited to provide inputs and share experiences in higher education strategy, management, funding mechanism, etc. in a higher education stakeholder consultation meeting in Vietnam, organised by the World Bank. 

The upcoming months will see another range of activities that promote and support Vietnam UK higher education links in TNE (Trans-national education), Industry Links, Leadership and Governance, and many more.