Mat Wright

The review report is an evaluation of the success and lessons learnt from 26 UK Vietnam collaborative programmes under the Higher Education Partnership (HEP) and UK ASEAN Knowledge Partnership Fund during the period 2013–16.

Recognised achievements of these UK Vietnam partnership programmes include the development of individual capacity, research capacity, entrepreneurial mindset; high-tech product development; joint scientific articles amongst others.

The report also presents two case studies of Capstone and HAPIE projects, and suggests recommendations to enhance the impact of similar projects in the future.

Please read the report in English and Vietnamese for further information.

HEP fund is an initiative of the British Council in Vietnam. The aims of the fund are to enable education, research and innovation links between the UK and Vietnam; and to capitalise on the UK’s world-class teaching, learning, innovation and research capabilities to contribute to the enhancement of education, research and innovation in higher education in Vietnam.

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