Historical Space of Gong Culture: In December 2018 cultural heritage experts from VICAS and elsewhere will lead a series of workshops on building a community museum inside the village’s nha rong (a communal house where gatherings and ceremonies take place). A community fund will be set up with Project support to help cover costs related to sourcing objects and curating the museum. The objective of this initiative is to support the community towards more regular participation and increased visibility of gong-related cultural practices.

Community Dialogue: Following a capacity-building session to enable Mo H’ra villagers to better make use and benefit from their gong musical heritage, the group will engaege  delegates from the provincial and communal Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism (with the meeting facilitated by VICAS experts) to strengthen the support for heritage-related community activities.

Heritage Trail: An initiative implemented by VIRI – a Vietnam-based NGO with expertise in community-based, cultural tourism – this activity develops and delivers locally-appropriate soft skills training and provides basic facilities in Mo H’ra village towards engendering sustainable tourism activities in the locality. The ultimate goal is to improve villagers’ livelihoods through direct participation in and application of their musical heritage.