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  • complement your current English development projects. 
  • evaluate the progress of candidates in a language training programme.
  • identify training needs for different audiences.


Raise your profile with stakeholders

Developed by the British Council, Aptis ESOL is underpinned by the latest research in assessment and thorough quality assurance processes. We put a lot of emphasis on research, from high-quality test development to marking, monitoring, and evaluation. In this way, Aptis ESOL provides you and your stakeholders with information you can trust.


Measure the effectiveness of a project

Aptis ESOL is structured to assess different language skills – reading, writing, speaking, and listening with grammar and vocabulary at its core. It provides a comprehensive picture of the learners’ language proficiency mapped to the international CEFR standard, allowing you to make informed decisions on policymaking, future training needs, and workforce development.


Get a credible and reliable assessment of the English levels on a larger scale

Aptis ESOL can be delivered securely, on-demand, at a time, location, and frequency of your choice, saving you time when scheduling. You will receive accurate results mapped to the CEFR within 48 hours after the test date. 

Aptis ESOL can assess different language proficiency levels from A1 to C2 level, enabling you to accurately assess both people with very strong and very weak levels of English in the same test and at the same time.


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