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Aptis ESOL offers quick and accurate results within 48 hours after the test date. Your Aptis ESOL Certificate is issued within ten days.


The results from Aptis ESOL are presented in following two ways:

  • Numerical score: A scale of 0 to 50 for each of the four major skills as well as for the Grammar and Vocabulary component.
  • CEFR level by skill: A CEFR level is awarded for each of the four skills tested. Each CEFR band describes the English language competence in that specific skill and is described in detail on the back of the certificate.
  • An overall CEFR level

Sample of updated Aptis ESOL certificate from test date on 11 September 2023. Check out FAQs here.

Preview sample of Aptis ESOL certificate (issued for test dates before 11 September 2023)


Aptis ESOL results

Aptis ESOL results are issued within 48 hours after the exam date, excluding weekends and public holidays.
If you registered through an organisation or other third party, your results may be sent by email to the institution.

Understanding the Aptis ESOL General result

Aptis ESOL scores reflect a test taker’s ability to understand and communicate in English.

The range of CEFR levels that it is awarded in Aptis ESOL depends on the test variant taken. 

Aptis ESOL General and Aptis ESOL for Teachers do not differentiate between C1 and C2 level because the tasks included in the test are designed to test English language abilities from A1 to B2.

However, the final tasks in each component are designed to allow for performance at C1 level and this is currently scored as C level. Therefore, this should be regarded as equivalent to a C1.

For a further explanation regarding this click here.

Find out more about Aptis ESOL results and scoring

How long Aptis ESOL result valid for?

Aptis ESOL results provide an accurate summary of a candidate’s English language ability at a given moment in time. In line with academic research and industry best practice, the British Council recommends that organisations recognise the validity of Aptis ESOL test results for up to two calendar years. After two years, the candidate’s language ability should be reassessed again with Aptis ESOL.   

Request a review of your Aptis ESOL result

If you are not happy with your Aptis ESOL result, you can request your test to be re-marked. This service is known as an Enquiry on Results (EOR).

You can make an Enquiry on Results request at any point up to eight weeks after the test day. The current Enquiry on Results fee is VND1,000,000

  • How to submit an Enquiry on Results?

You should submit a proof of payment from the centre where you took your Aptis ESOL test together with your Enquiry on Results request by filling below form:

EOR_ONLINE FORM_VN002 (for test takers who took the test in Hanoi or Northern/Central Vietnam)

EOR_ONLINE FORM_VN028 (for test takers who took the test in HCMC or Southern Vietnam).

  • How does it work?

You may only ask for a re-mark of the entire exam, not a single component.

Grammar and vocabulary, reading and listening components checks are conducted by the system, to ensure they have been marked accurately. 

The speaking and writing components are re-marked by senior examiners. Re-marked test results are considered final. 

If the overall CEFR level increases after re-marking, you will be refunded the full Enquiry on Results fee and we will issue a new Aptis ESOL certificate.

If CEFR level remains the same or changes in a single component, but the overall CEFR level does not change, the fee will be retained, and you will be informed.

The outcome of the Enquiry on Results is considered final. The results from the remarking process will be available after ten days. 

View the Aptis ESOL Appeals and Complaints Policy. 

Aptis ESOL certificate

Each test taker will be issued only one original hard copy of their certificate free of charge within 10 calendar days from the test date.

If you registered through an organisation or other third party, your Aptis ESOL certificate is sent directly to them, and that institution is then responsible for distributing certificates to candidates.

Original certificate admin fee will be waived. However, postal fee of VND150,000/address will be charged for original certificate by express mail service (in Vietnam) or registered mail service (overseas). Courier fee of for a request to send certificate by DHL is VND1,300,000.

Replacement for any lost or damaged original certificate shall be re-issued with an admin fee of VND150,000.

Request an additional Aptis ESOL certificate

Within two years from the test date, test takers can request British Council to send their results to the recognising institutions.

Additional certificate will be sent directly from British Council. Test takers will not receive them directly.

Additional certificate admin fee will be waived. However, postal fee of VND150,000/address will be charged for each additional certificate by express mail service (in Vietnam) or registered mail service (overseas) within 15 working days. Courier fee of VND 1,280,000 will be charged for certificates sent by DHL within 3–5 working days. 

Test takers can request to send additional certificate by filling below form:

Aptis ESOL Result Verification

Recognising institutions can request for Aptis ESOL results verification within two years from the test date – free of charge.

ROs can send Aptis ESOL Result Verification request to the British Council via: 

British Council will only accept requests sent by recognising institutions and communicate the verification results via email within 15 working days upon receipt of the Aptis ESOL Result Verification request.

Aptis ESOL Result Verification results can be sent to recognising institutions only, not test takers.


All test takers found to have engaged in malpractice at any point before, during or after their Aptis ESOL test date will have their test result withdrawn with the likelihood of one-year ban on taking Aptis ESOL also imposed. View the Test Taker Ban Policy.