If you take Aptis ESOL in any test session from 11 September 2023, your Aptis ESOL certificate will include several updates designed to allow your certificate to be verified digitally as an authentic document. 

What are the updates that have been made to my Aptis ESOL certificate?

A QR code is now included at the top of the front page of the certificate and a URL address is added at the bottom of the page. Both the QR code and URL address are unique to each certificate. 

Why is there a QR code and a URL address on my certificate?

Each unique QR code and URL address provides a link to your individual Aptis ESOL credential verification. This includes the date that your certificate was issued and a blockchain verification number. 

What is credential verification?

Credential verification using block-chain technology allows for a qualification to be digitally encrypted when it is created to prevent any fraudulent alteration of any information contained in the qualification.

Why is verification of my Aptis ESOL certificate important?

Verification of your Aptis ESOL certificate is important as it enables organisations to independently verify your results quickly and effectively. 

Are there any other changes that have been made to Aptis ESOL certificates?

There are some minor text changes to the front page of the Aptis ESOL certificate, although the layout and visual identity of Aptis ESOL certificates remain exactly the same.  The reverse side of each test taker certificate also remains unchanged. 

Are the Aptis ESOL certificates issued for Aptis ESOL tests taken before the 11 September 2023 valid?

Yes, Aptis ESOL issued before the 11 September have the same validity. 

Are there any changes to the issuing of additional certificates or result verification for either certificate versions?

No, within two years of  their test date, we will continue verifying results and issuing additional certificates as issued one to all test takers as requested by test takers and Receiving Organisations, as published on our website www.britishcouncil.vn/thi/aptis).

With updated Aptis ESOL certificates, receiving organisations are also able to scan each certificate’s unique QR code to independently and quickly verify results.

As well as the updates to the Aptis ESOL certificate, have there been any changes to Aptis ESOL test format?

The format of the Aptis ESOL test does not change.