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Rivers of Life – impacts of climate challenges to the Mekong delta and social actions of youth 

Time: 14.00–17.30 (07.00–10.30 UK time), 17 March 2021 
Venue: Department of Education and Training, 06 Vo Truong Toan, Cao Lanh, Dong Thap


  • Young people to better understand the emerging issues relating to five key areas of COP26, especially the impact of climate change on their lives and communities.
  • Young people in Viet Nam have an increased sense of urgency about responses to climate challenges.
  • Launch the Rivers of Life – Social Action Projects in climate challenges in the run up to COP26


  • Policy leaders, makers, leaders in environment in the Mekong delta
  • Scientists majoring in environment, climate change and impacts on rivers.
  • Artists who have strong interest in climate challenges and who work to communicate climate challenge messages innovatively.
  • Young researchers, activists, journalists, lectures, students who are keen to address climate challenges and who would like to contribute to and participate in social action projects addressing climate challenges. 


  • Vietnamese (with translation)


Time   Activities
14.00 Greetings

Performance of students in Dong Thap
14:10 Opening Speeches
  • Mr Huynh Thanh Hung, Vice Director, Department of Education and Training Dong Thap
  • Donna McGowan, Country Director, British Council in Viet Nam
  • Representative of British Consulate General

Mekong – a river of life

A presentation from an independent expert addressing climate challenges in the Mekong rivers as well as policies
Mr Nguyen Huu Thien, MA - Independent expert on Climate Change in the Mekong Delta


Climate change and its impact on the Mekong Delta River – research and evaluations of experts from the United Kingdom

  • Global climate change, rising sea levels, and impacts on Viet Nam's coastlines; Impacts of climate change in the delta regions, especially the Mekong River Delta; Flooding in the Mekong Delta region; recommendations on key areas of focus for Viet Nam, and also social action projects that you think young people (young scientists, students, community….) may take on to combat the challenges. 
    Dr Ivan Haigh, Graig Hutton, Melissa Wood University of Southampton

  • Climate challenges on human side, community needs and social actions for community
    Dr Lisa Jones, Hull University
15.30 Teabreak
15.45 Climate challenges through the eyes and actions of scientists and artists

Associate Professor, Dr. Hoang Thi Thu Huong, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Science and Environment Technology, Hanoi University of Technology

Ms Mzung Nguyen, Filmmaker, Visual Artist
16.15 Roundtable Discussion
  • Inspiration to study, research, work in the field of environment, climate change 
  • Challenges and opportunities for self-development
  • Recognised contributions to society and achievements in climate change by youth leaders 
  • Recommendations for youth leaders


  • Mr Nguyen Huu Thien, MA - Independent expert on Climate Change in the Mekong Delta
  • Assoc Prof Hoàng Thị Thu Hương, Hanoi University of Technology
  • Mzung Nguyễn, Environmental film maker, Visual artist
  • Representative from Department of Education and Training Dong Thap, Representative from Đỗ Công Tường High school
  • Dr Phan Ky Trung, Researcher and Lecturer, School of Environment and Natural Resources, Can Tho University

Moderated by Hoang Van Anh, Director of Education and Society, British Council 

17.00 Launching of Rivers of Life programme

Hoang Van Anh, Director of Education and Society, British Council


Department of Education abd Training Dong Thap/British Council