Global Climate Skills Programme 

Climate Skills is a multi-year programme launching in Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, India and Viet Nam. This global programme works with young people to sow the seeds of a fair transition away from fossil fuels.  

We work with marginalised young people aged 18-30 to provide them with the resources needed to be resilient to the impacts of climate change. The programme focuses on equipping young people with green skills through training, mentorship and grants. 

We connect young people with education institutions, NGOs and CSOs to create connections and meaningful relationships to inspire a more fair and sustainable future from a grassroots level to a global level.  

The programme is led by British Council in partnership with HSBC to build a global approach to youth skills development and equip the next generation to understand, mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

If you would like to find out more about the Climate Skills programme in Viet Nam, you can contact us by email: