About this programme

Youth Leadership Development has been introduced to assist local youth leaders’ personal growth and to help implement an innovative series of programmes.

These increase participation among young people and assist in generating ideas for youth activities and in meeting community needs.

Social impact is targeted through effective and sustainable youth projects carried out by local youth unions with support to equip and empower Vietnam’s future youth leaders.

Our objectives

The long-term objective is to ensure youth leaders have the skills to set up and run sustainable youth projects. Through these projects we will:

  • assist in building the capacity of local young people through innovative and effective youth development campaigns
  • provide a learning environment for skills training success using external and domestic experts to teach all areas of social innovation
  • create a youth network of young people interested in social innovation
  • strengthen young people’s ability to act for a better society by learning about social innovation.

Our aims

Vietnam’s growth will be continued by its young people.  The project's  immediate aims are:

  • promoting social innovation among youth organisations in Vietnam
  • contributing to communities by strengthening youth leader capacity via a new approach to youth activities
  • establishing platforms for networking and sharing ideas on how to develop and support local youth
  • encouraging individuals and organisations to put social innovation ideas into practice
  • collaborating in developing further ideas and sharing experience
  • providing local youth representatives with full access to social innovation materials.

What is on offer?

There are numerous opportunities for youth leaders and their organisations to partner with us:

  • working to implement an “Active Citizens”  approach into activities and projects
  • creating extensive networks with countries and regions to enhance understanding of how livelihoods strengthen civil society 
  • pursuing opportunities for international speakers and trainers for youth leadership and social enterprise projects
  • promoting the possibility of partnership in relevant projects.

More information

To  learn more about this project contact our Youth Leadership Development project team.

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