Rivers of the world 2
Rivers of the world 2

Rivers of the world (RoTW) – Vietnam is invited to join the project together with two other countries, Zambia and Ethiopia, for a 2 year engagement until 2016/17. This project offers 6 schools in each selected non-UK country the opportunity to be partnered with a UK school and work with a local artist to produce high quality digital artwork with groups of students. This artwork will then be displayed as part of the Totally Thames festival in London in September 2016, and locally in the overseas country via an online digital exhibition. 

The project enables young people to explore, celebrate and share their local environment, learn about other cultures and engage with global issues. It also provides fantastic opportunities for pupils to work with talented professional artists to create amazing pieces of artwork for public display in London and participating cities globally. It provides a wealth of exciting cross-curricular activities designed to expand knowledge and understanding, and encourage pupils to explore and reflect on local and global issues. This will help them to gain an international outlook and develop the skills they will need for life and work in an increasingly inter-connected global society.

The British Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training will select six local schools to participate in the project. It is a great opportunity for schools in Vietnam to partner with schools in the UK and other countries. The schools will participate in an art training workshop and receive support from artists to determine their creative direction and support them in planning the practical aspects required to turn their work into final digital artwork. 

The British Council is looking to contract a Vietnamese Artist to work with 6 selected schools in Hanoi on a collaborative project with the UK’s Thames Festival on the Rivers of The World (RoTW) project. The selected artist will support each of the schools to develop creative contributions to the festival which will then be used and displayed digitally in the UK during the festival. 

Terms of Reference

 The selected artist must:

  • attend all required art workshops in Vietnam and the UK
  • have excellent IT skills particularly in ‘Photoshop’ and other digital software/apps for conversion of artwork
  • have excellent skills of photography in order to capture photographs of the artwork.  
  • have experience of working with children and commit to follow the British Council’s  Child Protection policy and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) policy
  • be aware of the wider RoTW project and other schools work of the British Council  (although full guidance and briefing pack of the RoTW project will be supplied by British Council)
  • agree with schools the ideas for the artwork style and approach based on RoTW themes and have experience of proposing approaches, brokering agreements and gaining consensus for arts projects
  • prepare related documents and materials to facilitate workshops for the six chosen schools
  • finish final artwork using Photoshop, to create the final digital artwork for printing in line with British Council standards
  • submit final work by the deadline agreed with the British Council   
  • be able to speak English and be accessible via email
  • have a track record of creative partnerships within their portfolio and evidence of the professional skills required to deliver this project

Scope of Work

The commission:

  • The selected artist travels to London to attend RoTW induction and training workshop, delivers workshops in six schools in Hanoi, is responsible for selecting themes, topics, art styles, tools …facilitate students learning and supporting them to create art works.
  • The selected artist commits to follow Action Plan approved by the British Council.
  • The selected artist is requested to attend regular meetings to review work in progress prior to completion date.
  • The selected artist agrees to undertake the services professionally and in an appropriate manner in line with the British Council’s values, policies and practices. 

Action Plan

The selected artist commits to follow the following timeline:

Date Activity
January, 2016

Welcome the Director of RoTW scoping visit to Vietnam, including:

  • Visit artist’s studio
  • Visit six schools and have very first meeting with schools to discuss on schools expectations, look in the art facilities and meet with teacher looking after the project and also students.
  • A boat trip to the river  

7 – 14 March 2016 (TBC) 

  • Training in the UK  
  • Prepare training content in schools 
April – June  Deliver 2 – 3 day workshop in school 1
  Deliver 2 – 3 day workshop in school 2
  Deliver 2 – 3 day workshop in school 3
  Deliver 2 – 3 day workshop in school 4
  Deliver 2 – 3 day workshop in school 5
  Deliver 2 – 3 day workshop in school 6
15 June 2016  Finish the final artwork and submit to the British Council 


Payment will be made within 30 days of delivery and acceptance of the work. 

How to apply

Interested candidates can send a completed professional profile to Van Tran, Society and Development Officer via email van.tran@britishcouncil.org.vn 

Professional profile includes:

  • Professional portfolio, focusing on experience in art education and development for secondary students.
  • Time commitment for the RoTW project and a proposal to facilitate the project.
  • Salary expectation.

Deadline: Monday, 14 December 2015

We regret that only short listed candidates will be contacted by 18 December 2015, interview will be essential.  

We are an equal opportunities employer and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates.

More information about Connecting Classrooms programme: 

Connecting Classrooms is a global education programme for schools. It builds the capacity of teachers and school leaders around the world to equip young people for life and work in the 21st century.  Connecting Classrooms supports teachers and school leaders to integrate a range of core skills into the curriculum, including creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, digital literacy and citizenship.

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