We’ll Be Seeing Us Again (1974), Director Tran Vu ©

Vietnam Film Institue

Hanoi, Vietnam
15–18 January 2019

While not conventionally recognised as an intangible cultural heritage, film, video and other forms of moving image – as a powerful medium made use of on an everyday basis and universally understood – are of considerable importance in our attempts to record, document and make sense of history, on scales both collective and personal. The safeguarding and transmission of these histories greatly depend on acts of archiving, restoring and promoting video materials, and increasingly significant efforts and investments have been made towards these pursuits. As with other nations in the region and beyond, of late Vietnam has seen a rekindled interest in its film heritage. For many, film resembles a time machine – the opportunity to see own memories and past lives playing out on screen, by way of providing a glimpse into the future.

Contributing to the aims of our Heritage of Future Past project at large, the series of symposium, workshops and public events ‘Film as a Cultural Heritage’ provides a platform for achieving the following goals:

  • Advocating for the cultural and social value of film archives and archival materials 
  • Facilitating new conversations between different constituencies (state agencies and organisations, independent organisations, filmmakers, the public, experts from other fields and art-forms)
  • Sharing and learning about ways of working with film archives, via both practical and creative angles

An unprecedented series of happenings, the four-day programme – co-designed and co-organised by British Council Vietnam and Vietnam Film Institute – features film practitioners from the UK and all around Vietnam, with public screenings taking place each evening. 


  • Leaders and key decision-makers in the national film industry 
  • Practitioners – especially archivists, restorationists and managers – from governmental film organisations 
  • Practitioners from the private film sector 
  • UK film experts (working independently or in regional film archives)
  • Practitioners from other fields and art-forms

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