Young Creative Entrepreneur - Fashion/ Design Award – 2014
Young Creative Entrepreneur - Fashion/ Design Award – 2014

YCE is the British Council programme that identifies and engages the most exciting emerging entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural sector.

For the 2014 YCE Award we are looking for creative innovators who are working in design and fashion industry.


Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for people running great fashion and design businesses, who know that the ability to manage production and get product to market is just as important as fantastic design skills.  

We are looking for people who are using interesting materials, resources and business models to develop amazing products or to get other people’s products to the marketplace; people who are engaging with cultural and social issues and people who understand the power of collaboration.  

This is not an opportunity for designers – we are looking for people who are running fashion and design led business.

Who can apply?

Vietnamese nationals who must:

  • Own or be the driving force behind a young business in the fashion OR design sector with at least 2 years’ experience and no more than 7 years in business.
  • Be entrepreneurial and have shown their ability in the promotion of  that creative sector in Vietnam, in either a commercial context, public context, or both 
  • Through their character, drive and abilities, demonstrate their potential to be a future leader of the sector in their country and a future partner for the UK
  • Have English language skills to IELTS 6  - ‘competent user’ or above

N/B the entire UK tour will be conducted in English so a high competency in the language is essential.

NB – while there is no upper age limit for the awards, this is an award for emerging entrepreneurs who are running young businesses.  

The award selection will be made by the British Council and in consultation with sector experts.

Definition of a creative entrepreneur

YCE Design and Fashion participants can be drawn from any of the following areas:

  • Architecture, interiors and environment
  • Product design manufacture: furniture, industrial products and craft
  • Design promotion: exhibitions, events, festivals and retail
  • Consultants providing specialist services in any of the areas outlined 
  • Fashion, textile, accessories or perfume design and production
  • Fashion promotion: shows, exhibitions, festivals, events
  • Fashion retail: buying, merchandising
  • Fashion product research, sourcing, supply chain management
  • Fashion marketing, PR, branding, journalism
  • Fashion publishing, communications, websites
  • Consultants providing specialist services in any of the areas outlined 

Qualities of a creative entrepreneur

Creative entrepreneurs should possess the following qualities:

Entrepreneurial ability 

  • Risk taking: Can assess, enjoy and face risks, with the skills/initiative to successfully drive ideas forward
  • Passion for their creative sector: Creative entrepreneurs are the mediators that bring creative products to the market and require an ability to talent spot, respect, understand and manage creativity
  • Corporate skills: Business acumen, commercial awareness, managerial ability, vision and strategy
  • Interpersonal skills: Ability to sell an idea, negotiate and network 

Innovation/ development of new business models

  • Finds new, innovative ways to take creative work to audiences and communities – new models of production, distribution, value – highlighting the wider social, economic and cultural benefits in doing so 
  • Original ideas and the flexibility and self-confidence to take these to market 

Leadership ability/potential to change their sector 

  • Leadership ability: Have the vision to combine their creative and entrepreneurial skills to be a leader in their national creative community.  Ability to share the lessons of their IYCE experience with others.
  • Agent of change: ability to make a difference – as not merely successful in business terms but also intervenes in the domestic market to impact positively on its infrastructure.

Market awareness and understanding 

  • Market awareness: Knowledge of the local market situation and their role in it
  • Ability to spot gaps within the market and exploit these opportunities into real solutions

International outlook and ability to network with the UK/globally 

  • International outlook: Wants to develop a mutually beneficial culture of personal/professional engagement and collaboration with the UK, and to benefit from dialogue with other international participants and is keen to develop future international projects


Country winners will participate in a shared tour of the UK’s fashion and design sector. The programme allows the winners to gain unique access to and insights into the UK industry, as well as providing a fantastic opportunity to make a wide range of business contacts that will act as a springboard for future business/collaborations between the UK and internationally.

The tour will run from 10 – 17 September 2014 while London plays host to London Fashion week and London Design week.

The programme will include:

  • Curated group meetings to give an overview of what’s happening in the UK fashion and design industry
  • Peer networking with the international participants and UK young creative entrepreneurs
  • Access to masterclasses with UK industry figures 
  • Time for individual business meetings
  • Opportunities to network and make business contacts

Country winner will also be rewarded with an MacBook Air whereas two runner ups will bring home Ipad Air. 

What is required from the winner?

  • Be available to take part in an industry tour in the UK from 10 – 17 September 2014
  • Send all agreed marketing information (biog, photo etc.) during application process so that the British Council can promote the winner and in the UK when the winner is announced
  • Actively participate in all arranged meetings and events during the programme, in particular:
  • Give a presentation (5 mins) about their work 
  • Be willing to participate in any events/receptions/panel discussions, as appropriate, alongside other UK/international industry speakers (topics would be dependent on programming by partner events and the experience/relevance of YCE participants)
  • Be open minded and actively looking for future collaboration and business with UK companies, organisations and individuals that they meet 
  • Record their trip to the UK for use by British Council in country/UK e.g. blog, film, participate in media interviews before, during and after the trip, participate in evaluation etc
  • Take part in events when they return to share their UK experience with a wider YCE network at home 
  • Be part of the British Council’s international YCE network, which has around 3,000 members, and be keen to contribute ideas and feedback, participate in events, and develop projects.

How to apply

Complete this online application form before 31 May 2014.

For more information contact:

Ms Dang Huong Lan
Creativity Economy Project Manager
British Council Vietnam 
T +84 (0)43 728 1920 ext 1913
F +84 (0)43 843 4962

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