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Why does the Ministry of Education partner with us to deliver train the trainer programmes?

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British Council Vietnam partnered with MOET to deliver the "Primary Innovations" programme. It is a programme designed in collaboration with UK ELT consultant, Jayne Moon, and implemented by the British Council and the Ministry of Education.

It aims to increase the number of Vietnam English language trainers with a good foundation in primary teaching who can effectively deliver teacher training workshops. 

About this project

To provide an opportunity for capacity building and changing approaches to teacher training, the British Council worked with trainers in local training universities and primary English teachers from selected primary schools to support them to improve their skills in training teachers. 

The program consists of 240 hours, divided into four phases. There are two separate weeks in each stage. At the end of each phase, after the input sessions, the trainers will deliver two day teacher training workshops for local primary teachers.

Programme Outcomes

127 Primary Innovations Trainers of Teachers from 22 training institutions of foreign languages 

  • Completed 240 hours of input on Young Learner Methodology, Developing Training Skills and Workshop Planning;
  • Delivered five supervised teacher training workshop to local primary teachers;
  • Demonstrated a practical working knowledge of Young Learner Methodology in the context of teacher primary learners in Vietnam;
  • Demonstrated the ability to plan and develop appropriate materials for workshop sessions;
  • Demonstrated the ability to manage workshops effectively and to provide appropriate presentations and practice activities for workshop participants;
  • Demonstrated a willingness to benefit from feedback and work effectively with colleagues;
  • Demonstrated the capacity to continue to develop as a trainer.

More than 800 primary teachers of English from Ha Noi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City have attended practical workshops and increased their knowledge of Young learner Methodology.

The teacher trainers are now working hard and participating actively in training teachers within National Foreign Languages Project 2020, MoET to bring in positive impacts on teaching and learning foreign languages for thousands of primary students in Vietnam until 2020.