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Why did the Lloyds Register Quality Assurance partner with us?

E-idea was jointly operated by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance and the British Council. E-Idea marked a unique new partnership between the British Council and Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance [LRQA] in which both organizations contributed their resources to jointly promote and run E-idea. This was a major opportunity for LRQA to support innovation to mitigate change with real financial investment and to apply their climate change expertise in a proactive and creative way. LRQA partnered with British Council because of its networks, established partnerships and a proven track record in working with young people across countries and cultures. British Council could engage and empower creative people committed to finding sustainable solutions to climate change.

About this project

With urban centres expanding rapidly throughout the world, the challenge to achieve sustainability became even more pressing. The E-idea competition, an initiative of the British Council, was open to young people aged 18-35. 

Designed to help them put eco-visionary ideas into action or to scale-up existing projects, we offered support for eco-entrepreneurs and climate leaders looking to make a real contribution to Vietnam’s environmental future.


This project aimed to:

  • fund, support and mentor young eco-entrepreneurs in seven Asia-Pacific countries, including Vietnam, with their eco-friendly ideas and projects.
  • identify initiatives, which could be new idea start-ups or step-ups of existing projects, that made meaningful contributions to the region’s environmental future by focusing on real-life sustainability challenges.
  • address some of the biggest environmental challenges facing local urban communities such as waste reduction and efficiency, environmental transport and travel, energy reduction, water efficiency and sustainable design.

Contact our Climate Change team to find out more about how we can partner together to make a positive difference.  

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