National Qualification Framework
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The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and the Ministry of Labour, Invalids, Social Affairs (MOLISA) in Vietnam – Developing a National Qualification Framework (NQF)

Why do MOET and MOLISA partner with us?

British Council Vietnam has partnered with MOET and MOLISA in order to share UK experience and examples of best practice in support of the development of higher education, vocational education and training systems in Vietnam.

The two ministries recognise the importance of a reference system bringing together vocational and academic qualifications into a single framework. They have critically-reviewed established systems such as the European Framework and the UK Qualification Credit Framework and believe a Vietnam framework will help employers, students and educators understand the value of qualifications in terms of work potential and options for further study and professional development.  

About the project

The British Council is supporting this effort and has been working with MOET and MOLISA in sharing UK experience of developing a Qualifications Credit Framework linked to the European Framework.  Building on previous work, which involved UK organisations such as the Scottish Qualifications Authority and Proskills Academy, British Council hosted a National Qualifications Framework Conference in Hanoi with speakers from UK and Thailand.  The event also formally announced Vietnam’s joint framework plans.

After the conference, British Council led a workshop which helped senior MOLISA and MOET staff, who are responsible for the development of Vietnam’s National Qualifications Framework, to plan towards ambitious 2016 targets.

Dr Sasithara Pichaichannarong, Secretary General of the Education Council of the government of Thailand who is responsible for developing Thailand’s National Qualification Framework said: “Cooperation from educational institutions like the British Council and resilience among ASEAN members like Vietnam and Thailand, who have been working together, are the most important elements for the success of the ASEAN Community”.