In 2013-14, Diageo Vietnam strengthened their engagement with us through an exciting initiative the Students’ Women Empowerment Movement (SWEM), encouraging students to come up with innovative ideas to empower women using Social enterprise approaches.

This programme was developed on the foundation of a successful three year partnership between Diageo and British Council in which Diageo Vietnam contributed financially to support the set-up of new Social Enterprises and the scale up of established social enterprises.

Diageo has been involved in the programme’s design and active in working alongside us to successfully implement the project.

Why does Diageo Vietnam partner with us?

Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims

Motivating and empowering women and young people has always been the main objective of Diageo Vietnam’s corporate outreach. Our partnership with Diageo developed organically because of the clear alignment between our initiatives for youth, women and society.

Developing and motivating staff

Senior and middle managers of Diageo Vietnam have volunteered to provide expertise and mentoring to start-up social entrepreneurs. This, in return, gives Diageo’s staff a strong sense that they are “doing the right thing”. They also feel more strongly committed to their socially responsible employer.

Enhancing brand

Working with us, Diageo Vietnam has been able to promote their corporate outreach nationwide through face-to-face events, online publications and our blog.

Featured project in partnership with Diageo Vietnam: Skills for Social Entrepreneurs

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