Aptis Grammar and Vocabulary Demo Test

The grammar and vocabulary test is the core component of the Aptis test. The Aptis test is a flexible English language test that enables an organisation or an institution to assess all four English skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking together with the core mandatory component or test just one skill, e.g. listening. 

What is the Aptis grammar and vocabulary test like?

The Aptis Grammar and Vocabulary test consists of two parts. In the first (grammar) part of the test, you will answer 25 questions. Most of the questions test formal written English. A small number of questions test spoken English, such as knowing the appropriate grammar to use in a particular situation (formal or informal situations,for example). All 25 questions are in the format of a three-option multiple choice.

In the second (vocabulary) part of the test, you will have 25 questions. These are presented in sets of five words (the words we are testing) with ten options from which to choose.

There are a number of question types:

  • Word matching: find a word with a meaning similar to the target word.
  • Word definition: match a definition to the correct word.
  • Word usage: complete a sentence by choosing the correct word.
  • Word pairs or word combinations: these are usually the most difficult questions, as you need to know what word (from a list) is most commonly found with the target word (e.g. birthday card is common but blue card is not).

Try the Aptis Grammar and Vocabulary demo test here.

What does the Aptis score mean?

You will receive results based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). They will indicate your CEFR (A1-C2) level for each skill tested. If you take all four skills, you will receive an overall CEFR level and a scaled score (0-50), showing your level for each skill level tested.

If you like to use the Aptis Grammar and Vocabulary test to evaluate candidates / teachers / students in your organisation /  institutions, contact the Aptis team, who would guide you through the process.

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